Mood Swing

I had been in a very grumpy mood all last week but now the mood is much improved.  Monday night I made Bryan and I red chicken enchiladas for his return to Seattle and we dined al fresco on the deck with “Foreclosure” drinks (coined name by the house) made graciously by Polly.  Her drinks are killer with grapefruit vodka, dash of juice, ice and crushed fresh mint.  Yummo!  My enchiladas thrown together weren’t half bad either.

Red chicken enchiladas on the deck.

Tuesday night I went to a showing of Dirty Dancing at Pacific Place sponsored by Skinny Cow with all kinds of giveaways, goodies, samples, ice cream snacks, and of course the movie.  Wednesday night I headed over to the eastside for a Google Local happy hour event at Suite Restaurant and Lounge in Bellevue.  There were complimentary drinks and I tried a delicious Suite Suzy (Grey Goose, basil, simple syrup, and lime), delicious savory snacks of tempura vegetables, flatbread, shrimp tacos (great!), popcorn rock shrimp, caprese salad bruschetta, and chicken quesadillas, and more Google swag giveaways.  Thursday I visited the dentist.  Exciting!!!

Google Event Link Here

Friday I took the “Michigan Boyfriend” and Luis to a UM alumni/intern social BBQ in Capital Hill.  Hosted through the UM Seattle Alumni network.  It was fun, good BBQ, good drinks, good conversation and the t-shirt was definitely the highlight of the party.  I drove Amy to the airport at 11pm before heading to bed to wake early for my first backpacking trip to Yellow Aster Butte in the North Cascades around Mt. Baker National Park.  More on that to come…


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