To Be Summer

Seattle in the summertime is just spectacular.  And it is August…the best month of the summer.  Can you even believe it?  The past week was a good one with allowing me to really get things that need to be done, done, and things that are good for me, in.  Work had slowed wayyyyyyy down to the point that I was practically begging for odd tasks to do in the office.  This was supposed to be an unusually slow week in that regards and then our Roosevelt Station will be picking back up with more work, suppposedly.  In the meantime I have dabbled more with construction specs, connection design details, and miscellaneous Excel tasks, and just messing around with Google Sketchup.

After the camping trip I had the largest urge to get mani/pedis with Amy to pamper ourselves with massage chairs on our sore post-skiing muscles, fix up our nasty looking nails, get Amy ready for her trip to Belize, and finally, FINALLY catch up with her since it has been far too long.  It was marvelous and Pro Nails at the bottom of the hill might be my new go-to in emergency situations.  Love my colors too!

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Wednesday night Bryan and I dressed up to dine out at the nearby Emmer & Rye restaurant to somewhat celebrate what has now been nearly a year.  A year?!?!?  How did that happen so soon?  It was a nice evening for a walk to the restaurant (in high heels though, ugh) and a previously purchased Livingsocial coupon scored us a bottle of organic (?) Cabernet, two delectable dishes, and a shared dessert.  Perfecto!!  The wine was delicious, as we are both big fans of full-bodied Cabs, and the menu at this restaurant is locally sourced and changes monthly.  Bryan left for Arizona on Thursday for a few days so it was also a nice good-bye dinner.

Tuesday and Thursday I spent much needed time for me.  It was good to sit down, focus, and orient myself.  Friday I met up with a friend for a great downtown summer concert of smooth jazz in the sun and heat at the Columbia Center plaza. The Ben and Jerry’s truck has been driving all over the city giving away sample scoops of their delicious new Greek frozen yogurt (I highly recommend the banana peanut butter swirl flavor).  And Sound Transit had a HUGE progressive potluck on all four floors on Thursday to fill my tummy and fill me up of Korean BBQed pork for a year.  I had a pleasant weekend with a few social gatherings and weather in the 90s!!!  Seafair Weekend again lucked out.

Saturday I watched the Blue Angels (sans Bryan) at a Meetup BBQ at the gorgeous Madrona Park.  I actually was grill master for a portion of the day…too hot though.  The show was loud great!  Saturday night I saw my ex-roommate Marieke sing with her rockabilly band the Roy Kay Trio at the Ballard Salmon Eagles Club.  It was so much fun but again I was missing Bryan because I really wanted to dance some country.  Marieke was absolutely phenomenal.  Sunday consisted of a great Lulu yoga class, followed by a great brunch on the deck with roommates, then some reading time at Gasworks (to also see the planes again from the distance), and then a tromping on the LA Galaxy as the Sounders put a beating on Beckham 4-0.  It was definitely a great weekend!!


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