Weekend Entertainment

Phenomenal weekend I had with my decision to stay in Seattle with the home boy.  Friday kicked off the weekend with a bang.  First, instead of going to work I attended a wood design workshop for training hours.  It was very informative, very sustainable-focused, and was held at the Steelhead Diner in Pike Market.  I hadn’t been to that restaurant because of it’s price tag and the FREE lunch they provided us with was sensational.  A fabulous watermelon, feta, and hazelnut salad to start (light and refreshing), three courses served family style to each table of pasta with roasted cauliflower and sun-dried tomato cream sauce, salmon with nori over creamy polenta, and chicken masala with mashed potatoes, and then finished the whole thing off with a dark chocolate pecan pie.  FREE!

Steelhead Diner at Pike Market
Whoa baby…Theo Chocolate Pecan Pie

After the workshop I went for the very beginning of the Capitol Hill Block Party starting at 4pm.  After hearing a few bands I went to get again FREE fries and sangria from my fave Pike Street Fish Fry.  The real delight (other than falling head over heals for their curry ketchup and sangria) was sitting outside at a table next to FITZ from Fitz and the Tantrums.  We chatted, I shook his hand, he made googly eyes at me…jk.  Every band we heard at the Block Party was great.  So much better than last year.  There was lots of free food, energy drinks, and miscellaneous items given out to the crowd and the boy and I split a pulled pork sandwich from a BBQ truck.  Then I get to see Allen Stone for my first time ever and then Fitz and the Tantrums for my third time…and he pointed right at me during one song.  We were like 4 people back so we had a good spot to dance the night away.

The smooth singer Allen Stone
The one and only Fitz and the Tantrums!!!


Saturday was another wonderful day.  We headed out for IHOP but didn’t have enough time before our 11:50 Imax movie of the Dark Knight so we luckily found a great cafe located outside the movie theater at Northgate.  The Jewel Box Cafe served me up a delicious and quick egg sandwich and iced coffee to fuel me up for the 3 hour long intense movie.  Though the interior decor was super charming (especially for being in the not-so-much Northgate area) we sat in the sun outside.  The movie was AWESOME!!!!  Loved every bit of it.  We next headed to Bite of Seattle at the Seattle Center.  We walked around the festival, filling up my entire backpack of samples that were being handed out, browsing vendors and then headed to the Alley.  The Alley is a special section at the festival put on by Seattle’s legendary restauranteer Tom Douglass and all proceeds go to Food Lifeline.  For $10 each the boy and I got a sampling of 7 of the areas top restaurants, including one of Tom Douglass’ own, and Tom Douglass himself was out cutting his meat which was cool to see.  All of the bites were pretty good and I especially loved the tapas feel to them.  Afterwards we headed to the Blues stage to listen to jams for a while and then headed out.  I then proceeded to kill the boy in tennis 6-1 and he was not happy and would not be happy with me sharing that.  He was a grump after that but we sat on my porch swing for a longggggggggg time and then watched Our Idiot Brother.

Jewel Box Cafe for Saturday simple breakfast.
And not simple movie.
The Alley on Saturday featured from top center: pork soup dumpling (my favorite), pulled pork slider, muffuletta bruschetta, flat iron steak with blueberry, corn and tomato salsa (Tom Douglass’ contribution from his Palace Kitchen), a most interesting salmon brat with sourkraut and homemade brioche bun, strawberry mini cupcake, and German bread dumpling (center).

Sunday was my day to get things done:  yoga, laundry, baked muffins for breakfast, etc.  I stopped at the Bite of Seattle for a bit longer but was basically a lazy bum.  So nice to watch a marathon of Real Housewives shows on Bravo! every once and a while!!!


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