Righteous R&R

This week I took a nice break away from work, Seattle, my friends and cohorts to go back to my roots and family in my old stomping grounds.  I hadn’t been to the cottage in two years and hadn’t been able to partake in Fourth of July festivities at the cottage in three years.  That statistic seriously surprises me sometimes.  Regardless of the separation, the trip felt so right.  The cottage was as it always is and always should be, home welcomed me with comfort and old friends, and Ann Arbor brought back good memories and laid back entertainment.

My first four days were spent pleasantly soaking up the sun at the cottage and breaking out the water ski.  My fabulous brother picked me up from the DTW airport Tuesday night, we stopped for a Middleeastern dinner must before detouring (literally) up to the cottage.  Wednesday through Saturday pretty much can be summarized with:  water skiing, swimming, sunning, reading, campfires, card games, Wimbledon, Tigers games, chatting, meeting Chad’s baby girl, listening to music, listening to my cousin’s guitar playing, watching fireworks, sleeping and eating.  Nothing in that list should be crossed out; all was completely necessary.

Favorite:  Water skiing…but I truly loved the card games and the shrimp boil with the whole family.

It was also very nice to have a few days at home on this trip, possibly even my last time at Shelter Lane.  While at home I bonded with Sophie, read and sunned on the wonderful deck, got Dunkin Donuts, Lou and Harry’s, lunch with Dad at Woody’s, and Sugarberry, watched 21 Jump Street, played tennis with the family, and grilled salmon on cedar planks.  I also got my nails “did” with Mom and had a wonderful time catching up with Nisa and Claire while also getting to finally try the phenomenal Maru I’ve heard so much about for some sushi yumminess.

Favorite:  Sushi dinner while catching up with my besties at Maru…and my ride home with Dad.

Yum Maru!!!

And on my last day I set out early with Mamasita to good ole’ Ann Arbor to wander and revel in the city’s amazingness this time of year.  I scored a ton of good buys while in the city, only just fitting my carry-on luggage bag.  I got a peach and a blueberry bran muffin from Afternoon Delight, a t-shirt for the boy’s birthday, and a leather jacket, hat and cover up for a steal.  Mom graciously bought us iced coffees from Comet Coffee in Nickle’s Arcade before lounging in the sun and hipsterness of the Diag.  We met Dad for dinner at the locally sourced Grange Kitchen and Bar for a long and luscious meal.  We shared the farmers market salad and Zingerman’s bread and I had the gnocchi with shrimp, Mom selected the duck breast with cherries and turnips, and Dad tried the pork loin with peaches and green beans.  I also sipped on their Malbec with dinner.  The whole meal was super pleasant, sitting outside, and everything was very delicious (though my entree was quite disappointing).  Next up was the saddest and that is with saying my goodbyes to my parents as they dropped me off at the airport.  Though it is never fun to do I feel that are frequency of visits is fortunately increasing and the sadness is no longer as intense.

Favorite:  Last night dinner with Mom and Dad.


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