Summertime Countdown

3, 2, 1!!!!!!  Although this week has been quite nice and starting to shed light into Seattle summertime I have still held a countdown to the real summertime; getting to the cottage and the 4th of July.  I’ve tried my best to get pretty much ALL of my work done for the July 14th deadline done by July 4th.  I have also tried to get as much of the nice weather in as possible with biking to work three times in the past ten days, getting frozen yogurt twice more at Yogurtland for their great June deal, getting ice cream at Bluebird Ice Cream in Fremont, painting my nails vibrant colors, and reading for long hours on my balcony (I loveeeeed These Is My Words and recommend anyone and everyone to read it…especially if you ever enjoyed playing The Oregon Trail).

It must be had…
Bluebird shared with the boy. Peanut Butter, Theo Chocolate Chunk, and Snickerdoodle.
The launch of the new Mestizo Tequila Bar and Lounge.

I finally hosted another Meetup event at the grand opening of Mestizo Tequila Bar and I finally got Bryan to grill me up another steak…on my grill.  He made me a wonderful dinner Saturday night of ribeyes, potatoes, asparagus, strawberry salad, and ice cream for dessert.  All enjoyed on my porch with Dizzy Gillespie in the background.  We watched Into the Wild which I actually really enjoyed and were completely lazy bums.  But then I worked my butt off on Sketchup for 8 hours on Sunday.  Adios mios.  The only break I got was for Lululemon yoga and a few mental break scooter rides.


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