Mood Uplifted

It was weird.  All last week I felt a bit like a grump.  People around me were grumpy and the weather was not helping me shake the mood.  Nothing really fun to look forward to in the evenings and just kind of ho-hum all around.  Thankfully, the weekend helped to kick the blues and this week has been helpful in maintaining that as well, not the weather though.

Cures for the common duldrums:

  • Staff lunch of Pagliacci’s and company jokes and laughter
  • Girls night!! I brought over wine and Gouda to Amy’s and several of us girls chatted it up, nibbled and drank.  Just as we were about to head out to the dueling piano bar we heard intense rain outside and determined that there was plenty on hand to enjoy staying inside.
  • Saturday morning walk to the market to have a phenomenal brunch at one of Tom Douglas’ restaurant, Seatown, with Bryan.  This is one of his more reasonably priced and casual-er restaurants and we loved it.  We were able to dine al fresco and watch all of the market browsers and we were even under the warmth of heat lamps and each chair provided a blanket to snuggle up in.  I decided on the rotisserie hash which included a bed of hashbrowns, asparagus, leeks, and rottiserie porchetta, topped with two perfectly poached eggs and a buttered crostini for sopping up yolk.  There was even a side of habenero ketchup for my dining pleasure.  I really loved my meal but I already want to go back to get what Bryan ordered, which I was really torn between.  He had the breakfast sandwich which was an amazing english muffin topped with an egg, jack cheese from Beecher’s, avocado, and dungeness crab served with a side of fruit.  It was sooooo good.
The porchetta hash with lots of goodies and perfectly poached eggs…and habanero ketchup!!!
What I am getting next time. The dungeness crab sandwich with avocado and Beecher’s jack.
SAM for a fun Saturday morning.
  • Free day at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) without crowds surprisingly and a new Australasian aboriginal exhibit with Bryan followed our brunch.  Pretty museum and peaceful.
  • Frozen yogurt from my fave Yogurtland…giving away free 3oz all month long!!  (Will be there many times…assuming the temps warm up)
  • Reading in Discovery Park with Bryan, Amy and Mark on Sunday
  • Finally a yoga class at Lululemon
  • Great Mad Men dinner of homemade pot pies and a failed key lime pie dessert.  Pot pies came out very well though.  Good episode too, though a little uncomfortable for me with the topic focus.
  • Followed up Mad Men with everyone attending Compline service at St. Mark’s cathedral to center ourselves for the week ahead.  Soothing!
  • First Google Local event held at King’s Hardware in Ballard.  First one taking Phil and Bryan to.  Free pitchers of beer, appetizers (great sweet potatoes = me love) and what King’s is known for…skeeball!!!  When was the last time you played skeeball?  For me, I’m sure it was at the Chuck E. Cheese near the Lansing Mall.
King’s Hardware skeeball amazingness
  • Bought my plane tickets for home for the 4th of July.  So excited to get to the cottage!!
  • I bought a new road bike and got a pretty good bike for the price I think.  It is a Specialized Sirrus bike, a pretty blue, without the weird U-bar handlebars, came with a lock and great battery operated lights on the front and back and Shimano components (recommended by the boy) but I picked it out myself and got it for a steal for $240.  It is only 2.5 years old and was used by someone who road it across the country but that’s about it.
  • Redbox movie night with Amy on Thursday to watch a truly girly movie…Contraband.  We both liked Mark Wahlberg it.


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