Four Day Work Weeks

We need more of these, seriously.  It is so nice to forget that “no, it’s not Monday but Tuesday already”.  I felt more productive at work too, which is amazing considering that I didn’t really know what it was that I would be focusing on at work this week with having submitted a deadline on Friday.  It did involve learning a new program to complement the design results that I did submit on Friday.  Will probably be working on this project in this program all month long with our next deadline looming on June 22nd.  It also involved a lot of odds and ends tasks.

I had a great chat with my supervisor over coffee at Starbucks on Wednesday to verify my role in the next couple months/years, my direction, what I can help with, what I have liked so far, and what I would like to get my hands on more.  It was fantastic and what ended up turning into pretty much my annual review.  I like the direction he has me heading, he has me working on things I want to, getting out into the field as many of our designs move into the construction phase, working a lot with my buddy Marika, and becoming an expert in a lot of the programs that I am working in.  He was very easy to talk to during this conversation and I was also able to tell him that I have so far really liked learning the geotechnical designs related to structural engineering, working on more collaborative projects with my peers, the field work, and attending interdisciplinary meetings from time to time.

Tuesday night and Wednesday night I went to the Seattle International Film Festival for a flick.  Bryan and I went to see The Imposter on Tuesday night after grilling up steaks at my place.  The movie was kind of like 48 Hour Mysteries and was about an Armenian impostering himself as a 14 year old Texan who had been missing for four years.  I honestly couldn’t believe that the family had no clue it wasn’t their actual relative.  Wednesday night I went with Amy to see Everything and Everyone which was more of a family saga/drama but no so great.  Both were held at the Harvard Exit theater in Capitol Hill that I had yet to go to.

A little bit of work a little bit of play to my week.


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