All About Me

This weekend I got to do pretty much whatever I wanted to do with Amy and Bryan gone for the weekend and only Polly and I at home.  It was soooooo luxurious.  The weekend kicked off great with Camion tacos, the Mariners game and funnel cakes on Friday night.  Saturday was gorgeous and I tried spending the majority of the day at Northwest Folklife Festival with a few different friends.  It was hot!  The music was great, the festival was chaos, typical Seattle.  I stopped and got some great $1 records from Silver Platter:  The Graduate Soundtrack, Duke Ellington, Santana, Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Bing Crosby, Eric Clapton.

Fisher Green Stage
Side shows
Fountain and Fountain Stage

Most interesting but great group!
Pomeranians in a stroller.

Sunday and Monday were much more lazy days.  Slow mornings, shopping, church, a meeting, finishing A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (fabulous and a must read for Mom, Grandma, and Jennette…pass that on to Grandma especially please), listening to some more music at the Fest, watching trashy TV shows with Polly, lunch out with a friend on Monday, getting a free bakers dozen of bagels from Eltana, stopping for IKEA soft serve on the way to pick up Amy from the airport.  I need more 3 day weekends PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

New pink skirt bought
Free dozen bagels


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