Um, excuse me, isn’t it Memorial Day coming up?  Doesn’t that mean it should be summer.  This week’s weather did not indicate this in any such way.  Rain, cooler temperatures, and dreariness took over.  Blah.

There was an empty space without Mom here this week…and I don’t just mean in my bed.  I missed her. Wednesday night I had girls night at Amy’s after work.  We had a much needed girl conversation over a homemade dinner and glass of wine.  This morning I drove her butt to the airport at the crack of dawn…got into work just after the crack of dawn and have to still work a full day because I am going to the Mariner’s game with Bryan for his company’s annual baseball outing.  Camion fish tacos most likely prelude the game and hopefully clear skies.

This weekend is the free Northwest Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center.  I hope to get to listen to some bluegrass and blues outside with food truck noshings at least on Saturday when the weather is supposed to be really good.  It has gotten progressively better throughout the week.  I am looking to send Bryan off with the boys on a camping trip to Montana and spend some time in my garden, reading, at the Festival and getting to know my newest roommate Polly better.


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