She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes…

My mamasita is coming to visit me tomorrow!!!!!!!!  I am soooooooooooo excited to have some girl time with her, talk, catch up, introduce her to my friends and boyfriend, and have her see my house.  I have countless things to do with her but not in a must do, have to do sort of way, more like a “I really want to take her here, meet these people, show her this part of my life”.  I’ve said before but it is oh-so-true, my Washington life and Michigan life are soooooo separated and exclusive that I feel like my true self is now here, and that self is very different than the one I left behind in the Midwest.  For better or worse…but I think mostly better.

This weekend was great, great weather, great activities, great friends like usual.  Saturday was HOT!  We spent it low key with errands, volunteering at the Q Cafe in the morning for a free latte concert, relaxing at Gasworks Park with a Meetup bbq, then watching East of Eden (horrible) with Bryan with another frozen pizza and ice cream.

Deception Pass bridge…not my photo

Sunday Bryan and I decided to drive up to Deception Pass through Whidbey Island.  We pitstopped at IHOP for their awesome pancakes as we headed out, took the ferry from Mukilteo to Whidbey and then drived around the gorgeous island for a long time.  We stopped at a few state parks and then arrived at Deception Pass.  It was beautiful and nice to just sit in the sun and soak in the water and boats below.  As soon as we got back to Seattle I had a dinner to prepare for the Mad Men crew.  This week was Greek themed.  I prepped chicken souvlaki and beef kafta kabobs for the boys to grill.  I paired that with Greek rice pilaf, pita bread, Greek salad with feta, and homemade Tzatziki sauce for dipping the kabobs.  I thought the meal came out quite nicely but I was most excited about using my new, lengthy table.  Worked great for our smaller group of 7.  We listened to the newest Shins record that Amy just got and then finished off the night with Mad Men and a bowl of strawberries, ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Well, they finished the night off that way…I had to watch the SERIES finale of Desperate Housewives before calling it a night.  Can’t believe it is finally over.  Probably the longest duration of a show that I have actually stuck with since maybe Friends…to Bryan’s despair.

IHOP blueberry grain and nut pancake heaven!
Dinner at Mad Men…chicken souvlaki, kafta kabob, rice, tzatziki sauce, and greek salad.

The week has started out smoothly enough.  The weather has been gorgeous making biking to work fun.  Monday morning I even ran into Whole Foods giving out free coffee and cinnamon rolls in the park downtown on my way in.  Nights have been spent on the porch or balcony with dinner and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and tidying up my room.

She comes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and my company’s bike team for Bike to Work Month made the front page of the entire program’s website.  Check it out here…it’s the picture of our team.


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