In the Know

This past weekend was fun!!  I really feel like I know hotspots and fun things to do in the city and whether it is spending it with my close friends or new friends I have a good time.  Friday night just four of us went to listen to an awesome bad called Red Jacket Nine perform at the Triple Door lounge.  It was great stuff.  The weekend was again beautiful so I tried to get outside when I could.  I had a dim sum brunch at O’Asian in downtown with a group from Meetup and tried to eat as many shrimp dumplings as I could.

Fusion on the Run at Mobile Food Rodeo
Two delicious Hawaiian tacos and a kahlua pork sandwich from Fusion on the Run
Listening to Luc and the Lovingtons at the Rodeo.
The crew watching the boats on the canal wearing their kickball shirts with pride.

Sunday was nearly the perfect day.  Bryan and I rode my scooter to church (which is less than two blocks away).  We lost miserably in kickball but then went to the Mobile Food rodeo to try out some of the 25 food trucks parked at the event.  Bryan and I made the best selections I think.  We tried the kahlua pork sandwich and the coco adobo chicken taco from the truck Fusion on the Run which is Hawaian cuisine and both were so flavorful and delicious.  We also split some amazing sweet potato fries from Chub’s burger truck (one of the few not from Seattle, they were from Portland).  The sun was strong and we got seats to listen to Luc and the Luvingtons for free at the Rodeo.  After a while we went back to my pad for the weekly Mad Men dinner.  Tonight had the best menu to date.  Amy prepped some bacon wrapped mushroom caps for the grill as an appetizer.  We then made some white BBQ sauced chicken thighs to grill up (white BBQ sauce was something Amy has had before made of mostly mayo, white vinegar, garlic, and onion) which was delicious, baked beans, cornbread with honey butter, and salad with avocado and tomato.  My favorite of the night though was my mango cobbler that I made (recipe found here…try it!).  We devoured that baby with some vanilla ice cream.  I was thrilled by its outcome!!

Do we know what we are doing?
Looks like we do…chicken with white BBQ sauce….before being basted a hundred times.
Mango cobbler for the win!!

This week I have been dealing with high stress thanks to my lovely landlord. The guy is insane for real. Monday morning I thought I was going to be kicked out and looking for a new place to live. By Tuesday night we had a lease signed by all parties and are now being referred to by the first initial of our first names?!?! However, the Zagat Premieres dinner that I went to at RN74 helped immensely on Monday night to unwind and so did the Tigers vs. Mariners game Tuesday night with Bryan, Amy and Mark. We got the company seats and met up on Occidental Avenue before the game for El Camion tacos and burritos. It got chilly during the game but we have been having pretty good weather.  No rain!!

Thursday night Bryan and I had frozen pizza and then went to see the Hunger Games at a new-to-us place called Big Picture in Belltown.  We loved the movie but we REALLY loved the venue.  It is 21 and up only, they serve alcohol and had good drinks and would serve you during the movie if you wanted to too.  And best yet they have several super comfortable lounges to drink and chat while you wait for the show to start.  We will be back for sure, we just have to wait for them to have another good movie as they are one of those places that only has one movie at a time.  Friday morning I met the ten team members of my company for Bike to Work Month at the one-time Bagels and Bikes event near Westlake Center.  We had bagels, bananas and coffee and shot team pics in our styling neon green tees.

This week has flown by but I am looking for a weekend nonetheless, and one that is without my roommates, with amazing 70 degree and sunny weather, and getting ready for my mom to come visit on Wednesday (aka clean).


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