Moves…Part Three

Once again I have moved. This time the address is the same, I have just upgraded in rooms. One roommate has moved out and on and by my assertion I was able to move into her room. And I love it. I hate moving and that doesn’t change even when it is just down the hall but it was so worth it. Our narrow hallways required complete disassembly and reassembly of my bed but I got it done. I am still working on room layout but I have the bed facing the full skyline view of the city and think I like it there. Moving my closet actually took sooooooo much longer than moving the rest of my room. My view cannot be beat in the city and I can’t wait until we have the sun and warmth again to relax on my new chaise lounges on the balcony that opens out from MY ROOM!!

Monday and Tuesday were spent moving my stuff over but Tuesday was also the start of Bike to Work Month, which several of my coworkers are doing with me. I actually got to work quicker by bike…by like 15 minutes. Wednesday night Amy, Bryan and I took Dev to Mondello’s Italian Ristorante in Magnolia for a “goodbye” dinner as he is going to be leaving us for the city of Portland for a new job. We will miss him dearly but I think he will love Portland and gives us even more of a reason to visit…and a place to stay! Dinner was excellent as well, I mean really good.  It is a cute tiny little Italian restaurant with a guy strumming away on guitar, a great wine menu, and all fresh homemade pastas.  Amy and I split the ceasar salad and their outstanding fettucine con polpette which was homemade fettucine with HUGE veal meatballs and a light tomato sauce.  The pasta was so good (homemade tastes so different) and the portion size was perfect.  And I love when they split the portions on two plates.  Our table also split a bottle of their Sangiovese and pistachio gelato.   With everyone’s meals, wine, dessert, and my $40 off Livingsocial Coupon our balance was only $30.  Can that be right?!?!  And like any good European dinner it lasted over two hours with great conversation at the table. Thursday was a triple baby shower at the 1st Avenue office with the usual beer chugging out of a sippy cup contest, guess what’s in the dirty diaper contest, and food and drinks of course.

Fettucine con polpetto.

This weekend I am really looking forward to. The weather again is supposed to be warm and sunny which is one plus but there is also a lot of fun things going on too that I have been wanting to do. I am finally going to get to the Seattle Art Museum for the free BOA customer appreciation day on Saturday and then I have a dim sum brunch with a bunch of friends near the International District. Our last kickball game on Sunday before the tournament starts, the Mobile Food Rodeo with lots of food trucks and live musical performances afterwards in Fremont and then Mad Men at my house to finish off the weekend.


Not happy with Seattle about this:

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