Sipping Along

It sure felt like spring in Yakima Valley where we went ‘a wine-tasting on Saturday. High of 70 and super sunny. Perfect spring day amongst the vineyards. We got a late start but by the time we got to our first pit stop on the Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail we were ready to start sipping and for food. And we included myself and Bryan and his parents. It was my first time meeting his mom and she welcomed me warmly with a hug. She was very sweet to me the whole trip and I just can’t believe how much they seem interested in me and asking me questions…and Bryan can’t believe how I can just talk to them the whole trip without him having to say a word to steer the conversation. He was driving so I know that he appreciated this.

We stopped first at Maisson de Padgett which was a real bust where wines are concerned with one saving grace of a Malbec port but they did score two points for a live band in the lawn and a BBQ truck serving up eats. Bryan and I split the pulled pork sandwich and ribs. Their BBQ sauce on the side was delicious and the coleslaw was different than any I have ever had in a very, very good way. We next headed to Portteus hoping for some better wine sips. We did indeed get that. Though we were only there for a short time we really enjoyed their spring barrel tastes of their Malbec and Zinfandel and once Bryan’s dad (aka birthday boy) said his favorite was the Malbec I bought him a bottle for his big dad…and then he turned around and bought me a bottle of the Old Vine Zin that I said that I really liked. Moving along to our third winery called Two Mountain Vineyard we really enjoyed their entire selection of wine but bought nothing. We did sample the taco trucks spectacular spicy green sauce and then sat in the sun in lawn chairs talking for awhile (delaying the drinking).

Entering Yakima Valley

Vicki and the Valvetones at Maisson de Padgett

Bryan's parents dining on pulled pork sandwiches.

Our last winery visit was the best of the pack: Piety Flats Winery. So my new roommate was the one who recommended both Rattlesnake Hills and more specifically Piety Flats and I owe her one. Piety Flats is located right along the highway which is a little unusual but their store is set up like the cutest little general store with a slew of fabulous kitchen and winery goodies that would be fun to just go back and look through. We loved their wines and I was actually able to get Bryan to agree to a few bottles of white wines for summer sippers to throw into our variety case that we purchased (not for cheap).

Grapes vines abound

Piety Flats Winery

The drive back felt long as I was tired from the wine. We crashed at my place early after showing my house again this time to his mom. I was grateful to have Sunday morning to myself again to go to Lulu and church. We suffered a severe loss in kickball but rebounded quite well with four delicious Tutta Bella pizzas, my own salad, garlic bread, and delicious QFC-bought rich chocolate fudgey birthday cake with ice cream for our friend Mark’s 26 birthday. Of course we broke out a fabulous Columbia Valley red wine blend and watched our next episode of Mad Men. It was a great spring weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. Bryan’s parents are now back on the road and I have a full week ahead of work, moving rooms in my house, and a few other activities. Oh, and bike to work month starts tomorrow for the month of May and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the commute in the month ahead. I still think Amy should be riding this commute with me and be riding buddies.

The monthly special at Tutta Bella's was the Costanzo: prosciutto crudo, sausage, mushroom, and onion.


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