Boy, it feels good and bad to be back. The weekend was gorgeous out and spending time with friends at events has been wonderful but it has been hard getting motivated back into the work mode and feel majorly drained of energy. Like whoa!

But back to the fun. I have been spending a LOT of time with Bryan’s dad surprisingly. I thought this visit would give me a little time to myself to unwind, focus at work, and do solo things but quite the contrary. Bryan’s dad keeps inviting me to do everything with him. Despite wanting to say “no” I know he is here for a short amount of time and have taken him up on everything. I met him first on Saturday night for a scrumptious dinner at List for their happy hour. He was ecstatic and beaming from having seen the 21st ever perfect game with the Mariners vs. White Sox (note: it was the White Sox that got the perfect game of course) and ate me right up. Bryan and I split the sea bass and tried the bacon-wrapped prawns as well as the blasted broccoli we have grown to like and a bottle of Sangiovese with his dad. Dad liked his sea bass quite well…wouldn’t touch anything green though. We then went and got Menchies frozen yogurt and ate them at my place talking, listening to records, and taking in the view. At one point I caught them whispering to each other and asked about what and apparently the comment from his dad was, “You normally go minor leagues but she is definitely major league”. Lol.

The dad also joined in on our Mad Men night but mostly observed our group, which I am sure was humorous. We held it at Amy’s, who graciously offered to host knowing about my unexpected travels. She made a wonderful crock pot roast beef that I want the recipe for with apple and gouda salad, biscuits, creamed corn and we had skillet cookie topped with ice cream for dessert. Yummy!…and the show was crazy. I got to Lulu for yoga, church for a great service, and got my hair cut this weekend as well.

Monday night I was spontaneously asked to a dinner cooked by Bryan’s dad. It was my first time having traditional beef tacos in ages. I don’t know why but the dinner just seemed a little unusual to me (conversation, food, etc.) but I’m glad I went.

Thursday night I went to an event at Copper Gate in Ballard for samples of their house appetizers and Aquavit (never had this Scandinavian liquor before…interesting) cocktails followed up by live jazz. The event was great, better than great! I think I found a new, eccentric place to go for live jazz every Thursday. The place is Scandinavian and the food menu and drinks align with that theme. We got to taste their delicious herbed fries with curried ketchup (I had a ton of these babies), their fennel, beet, pear, walnut and blue cheese salad, pickled herring with rye buttered toast and their stellar Swedish meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes. I am on such a fry fixation of late. And by far their best cocktail was the last one we sampled which was a mix of Oolong tea infused vodka with sour mix. And the band was better than amazing!

Today we had our monthly staff meeting and tonight I am meeting up with the group for Mark’s birthday for drinks. Tomorrow Bryan, his parents and myself are daytripping to Yakima Valley for their Spring Barrel Wine Tasting Weekend (my idea) but Bryan’s dad’s birthday. I am really looking forward to the sun and warmth of Eastern desert Washington and tasting wines and listening to live music and eating from BBQ stands!


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