Tribute to Grandmom

On Friday, April 13th, my grandmom passed away at the age of 80. It was a surprise and unfortunate but I am also relieved that her passing was quick and relatively painless and that she was with good friends and family at the time.

I am very glad that I went to Lubbock to attend her visitation and funeral. Both services were exceptional and I felt that it was needed to be there for my family, spend time with my family, and pay my respects to a grandmother who never once stopped loving me. Though I have regrets for not being closer to her, visiting her more, calling her more, I don’t have regrets that she also knew I loved her for what she could provide me with over a thousand miles away and that was her eternal love, praise, and stories.

I have immense faith that she is in Heaven and living a great afterlife.


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