I kind of felt like a Scrooge this weekend. The rain just really got to me but then it broke on Saturday and we didn’t see it’s face for the rest of the weekend. Hoorah! My best yet mani/pedi (and last of the three unfortunately) only slightly helped my mood but I still turned down the Q Cafe Friday night and another concert on Saturday night in order to get some R&R. Speaking of that mani/pedi though I am still in love and no chips to be seen yet. The Peru Ruby on my nails (OPI) is possibly the best pink/red I have ever gotten and then because I made the mistake of asking Bryan what color I should get (his answer: periwinkle?) I ended up with a variation of blue on my toes but I like it and think it will fly in Mexico.

Peru-B-Ruby by OPI

I’ve discovered that Homeland that airs on Showtime is really as great as they say it is and watching the first season right now. I’ve discovered that All Saints church that I had been to once with Bryan is only two blocks from my house and the pastor really does do a great job. I discovered that my old yoga studio in Wallingford, Sutra, is now holding complimentary 12:30pm yoga classes every Sunday. I discovered that playing kickball is just as much fun when you are 25 then when you are 10 and in gym class. I discovered that I went 2 for 3 “at bat” in the kickball game but that our team still lost a close one 7-10, to a bunch of fools…but at least in the sunshine. I discovered that I can make a pretty good Indian dinner for a crowd (ahem, at least with Trader Joes help). I made vegetable curry, chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, garlic naan, and a potato, pea and carrot korma. I discovered (rediscovered) that Indian food makes the best leftovers and I’m all set for lunches this week. I discovered that a record player is a must have in this day and age and that everyone should have Fats Waller, Nina Simone, and Duke Ellington in their collection. I discovered that a record player and a great view of the city can keep a house full of guests entertained for hours. I discovered that Tina Fey’s book Bossypants really does prove that she is the best female comedian (and most inspiring) in our day and time (or ever?). I discovered that I will truly miss my roommate Marieke moving out at the end of the month. I discovered a quarterly sale in Bellevue where I scored two tops and two dresses (for Cabo) for a grand total of $30. I discovered that hanging out with friends (nearly) always makes you feel better.

Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice and two types of veggie curries a la me.

These last 10 days until Mexico are full of lots of interesting things. We’ve got the now guaranteed “must” of the blues jam at Conor Byrne’s on Wednesday night, a HUGEEEEEE Seattle foodies paradise event called Voracious Tasting that I cannot wait for on Thursday night, possible concerts, free SAM art visits, bowling, and an Easter dinner at Amy’s all for this weekend.

Hasta luego.


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