Dining Around Seattle

How are all of you doing in your brackets? And are all of you ready for spring? Well, I have been the leader in my office pool since last weekend but my Possible Points Remaining (PPR) is not good and not I am definitely out of the running. And I am soooo ready for spring. It’s cruel that February taunted us with good weather, March has been cruel, and everywhere else seems to be having heat waves. Today is 50s and sun and this weekend is predicted to be too so hopefully it keeps its promises. Not to mention that my Cabo trip is quickly approaching and I have it finally in the calendar at work and it is approved. Gratefully we are leaving the day after we submit a HUGE deliverable so it’s perfect timing really.

Sunday I spent a small fortune at Ikea and Southcenter Mall (which is huge) but got some really good stuff. Already a lot of compliments on my wardrobe pieces. I also visited IHOP for amazing nut and grain pancakes. I want to go back actually. And I finally made it to Conor Byrne’s open mic night for some awesome music by various artists and a delicous PNW (Pacific North West) porter.

I started Monday off early in the cold at a safety meeting at the site. I have been quite productive this week at work and have had a lot of great meetings to talk about my/our designs. It’s coming along. But also had one bad, frustrating day at work on Wednesday that put me in a foul mood.

Tuesday a group of six of us went to the legendary Ivar’s Salmon House located on North Lake Union for their birthday celebration with BOGO entrees. Such a good deal at this pricy seafood restaurant. My alderwood grilled salmon was absolutely delicious and so was our selected Washington wine. Friday I had a great 3-course meal at the pricy Blueacre Seafood restaurant in Westlake with friend Paul for the Dine Around Seattle month of March. I selected the Very Green Asparagus soup with rustic bruschetta and goat cheese (delicious!), then the bread crumb crusted Ling Cod, and lastly the German Chocolate Cake with cocoa nib caramel and walnut ice cream (also delicous). I sampled my dining partners rockfish which was also quite tasty with blue cheese and crispy onion topping. I am going to follow up Friday lunch with a $7 Swedish massage thanks to Groupon Now! special deals and a concert at the Q Cafe. Yeah!!

Typical Ivar's Salmon House view of the lake and city. Almost as good as the view from my house!!

Still waiting for my forwarding of mail to reach me.


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