The week was packed with a lot in what seemed like a short period of time. Working on site two nights this week added to it, although it really only totalled an additional four hours and led to actually some fun nights…even if I was completely soaked when 10pm rolled around. It’s been a mix of rain and snow and persistent cooler temperatures that I am now completely sick of.

Taking in this beautiful view of the needle on my very short walk from bus stop to home on the one clear day we had this week, Friday.

And this dandy shot from inside my living room. Jealous?


      Filling out my brackets (always warrants great fun and excitement).
      Happy hour for SEAW with friend Paul at Jasmine Thai restaurant up the hill from the office. Swanky but very quiet place (at least on a Tuesday) with just some $4 vino glasses and tempura, rolls, edamame, and shumai to nibble on.
      Sneak peak private tasting thanks to Google Places Seattle at Little Water Cantina on Thursday in Eastlake. Great fun meeting new people, sampling a multitude of their guacamole, chips and salsa, carnitas, ceviche, and house-made kahlua shooters with horchata ice cream all for free.
      Friday night jazz vocalist from NYC at Lucid jazz lounge with Bryan and two of his highschool “friends”.
      March Madness games abound and starting off to a very commendable start…until my team lost out in the first round!!!!
      Bought two low closet organizers, a space heater and a new gardening spade from Lowes.
      Ordered some new Aveda and Bare Escentuals samples to try. A variety of hair treatments to pick the best one, Aveda concealor I have become very found of and a full size of Aveda face toner.
      Homemade banana peanut butter muffins for everlasting goodness.
      Free Molly Moons Scout Mint ice cream with a fabulous view of the city from Kerry Park in Queen Anne after night shift on Monday was perfect!
      Hot tub and McD’s softserve after night shift on Wednesday was additionally perfect!
      St. Patty’s Day pot luck at work on Friday included Guinness brownies.
      Oranges are dynamite delicious right now.
      Watched the UM and MSU Friday games at Buckley’s in Belltown, blah.
      Free BK fries with green ketchup to cheer me up afterwards. Promo they have going on now.
      My new favorite sandwich is a pressed ham, goat cheese, and dijon sandwich on preferably cinnamon raisin bagel on my George Foreman (love the George Foreman for sandwiches!!).
      Still need an Ikea trip…hopefully this weekend.
      St. Patty’s Day party at Michigan alum TJ’s.
And then woke up to this disaster of huge snow flakes on Saturday morning. The funny thing is it probably was snowing pretty good here on top of the hill but I bet it wasn't even snowing in lower Queen Anne. That's just the obscurity of Seattle weather and altitude.


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