Chelsea’s Bracketology

I mean I should have my own right? I’ve demonstrated such skill in this department. And this year, more than any, I feel pretty good about my selection of teams. I’ve also spent considerable time talking to coworkers and friends on their opinions of how it’s going to go down.

I would say that Kentucky has the best shot at winning the tournament. The nation seems to think so too. They have proven they are strong and their conference tournament loss could be a good thing for them going into this tournament.


Unfortunately I see two conference rivals making it to the Final Four. I have heard rumors that Syracuse is going to be down with missing men due to violations thus I don’t see why OSU, being a very talented team with a very strong center, wouldn’t make it to the Final Four. And MSU, well I think their region is pretty weak. Missouri and Marquette being their main contenders, they should make it pretty easy, assuming that some of their players come out to play, but Izzo usually does when the time calls for it.

So who is the last to get into the Final Four? Well that would be Michigan of course. It’s a stretch, sure, but I wouldn’t put my team in there if I didn’t truly think they had a shot. I feel 100% confident in their first two round games. After that it will be interesting to see if Kansas and North Carolina haven’t been upset and then it really is about what UM team comes out to play. Regardless, I have MSU, OSU, UM, and Kentucky as my final four and if all three of those Big Ten teams don’t upset me I will be happy for my conference and a for sure win in my tournaments.

I am playing with friends on Facebook, joined my company’s pool for $10 and my mom’s company’s pool for $5. Cannot wait…and so stoked that we got a 4:20pm time slot Friday so that I can watch and then watch more with State following up right after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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