Moving On Up…to the Queen Anne Side

Seriously moved up, to the tippy top of Queen Anne Hill where I have the view everyone in Seattle hopes they get. It is literally breathtaking both during the day and at night. I love it! City skyline, Puget Sound, and Space Needle dead center. So my new place is one pretty large 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a superb front porch and a sprawling top floor balcony for even better views. My scheme, as narrated to all of my friends, is to convince the aging Arizonian landlord to sell me this house within the next few years.

House Tour

So the main floor has primary access through the side door and small enclosed porch to the kitchen. The kitchen is not as new as my old place (no gas stove unfortunately and this will take a little while for me to adjust to and accept) but it is still cute and nice enough with all the appliances a person could need (mostly coming from my belongings). From the kitchen you can walk into the side TV room which is cozy and has a decent flatscreen and built-in bookshelves along the wall (love that!) but unfortunately my roommates books are all ones I have already read…must find the QA library soon. You can also breeze by the TV room and make your way to the dining room. We have a formal dining room with a cute, eccentric, retro 50’s table and chairs. The dining room opens up to the front living room, which is huge with large windows providing the view of downtown and a wood burning fireplace. You can also access the main front entrance and large patio from this room. One of the girl’s bedrooms and actually my shower is located on this floor as well.

The upstairs has a long, narrow staircase that is connected to the kitchen and dining room areas. The top floor has my bedroom in the back of the house, another roommates bedroom with access to the balcony, a spare(!!) lounge/bedroom with French doors separating the two bedrooms and window seat (love!) and another bathroom for me that has a sink and a very cool bathtub nook that Amy agrees will be my newest sanctuary (just no shower which is why I will use the one on the main floor).

There is also a basement which has another bathroom with shower, plenty of storage space and a brand new washer and dryer. It is very good to have storage space.

We have a decent sized yard that we do have to put in a little TLC too but I am honestly geeked about that. I actually want to put a lot of work into the yard because for some reason I now want a green thumb and the yard could use considerable work to make it look good. There are several raised gardening beds that I can’t wait to get my hands on. One of my roommates is also very excited about gardening and excited about my interest in gardening. There are several spots for my grill, but it hasn’t found its permanent home as of yet.

And my bedroom is still a work in progress. I still want to get new frames for my old posters and pictures and my roommates like them enough to put them in the main rooms, maybe a rug, a kitchen trolley to put next to the stove for more counter space, a vase for the next time Bryan buys me flowers and want to maybe do a DIY closet storage project. But it is quickly coming together and already feels like home to me.

I am very much looking forward to spending warm summer days on the patio with my girls, Mad Men nights, BBQs, gardening and just exploring the quaint neighborhood of Queen Anne.

The move itself was not horrible thanks to good unexpected weather and good helpful friends. Four friends helped knock the transfer out in a record 2.5 hour time frame on Saturday. We were done with that part by 1pm and the sun was high and shining. Fatigue and soreness were not horrible thanks to Girls Night out at the dueling piano bar Keys on Main for their grand reopening and good tunes. Sunday was not completely dull thanks to watching the wonderful The Help with Amy and getting to pick up Bryan from the airport before dining on sea bass and Sangiovese at List for a whopping $10 total and my third softserve cone from McDonald’s this weekend. Yes, you heard right…3. And they were all equally tasty. Busy work week followed and I was more than exhausted and didn’t have adequate time to do some of the things I wanted around the house. This weekend is allowing for that though with the exception of Amy’s birthday celebration


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