March Revelations

      March Madness is the best sports tournament around
      I am one cool person if I was selected for my house out of 15 candidates 🙂
      This week begins the starting of broccoli seeds here in the Pacific NW (I plan to give regular updates on my gardening projects)
      Going to a nursery this weekend with my roommate to get our gardening goods
      Space heaters are my newest recovered best friend
      I love the bedroom furniture I picked out last spring…still
      The 358 bus went on a 5-month-long horrendous detour route starting my last day on that route
      My commute by bus is no shorter now than before but I don’t have to walk at all to get there
      Commuting by scooter or bike might be a better idea
      I am trying to figure out how long I can reasonably wait before getting a kitty
      It’s finally time to ditch the old and cracked cheapie frames on my Spain posters for real ones
      I really hate Chardonnay and Merlot…and my new roommates are completely stocked with it
      It is a good thing I have a case of 15 other bottles of wine already in my possesion 😉
      I love blues and I love anything that is a "jam session", as confirmed by Wednesday night's Blues Jam session at Conor Byrne's in Fremont
      Tom Izzo = Big Ten Coach of the Year??
      I got my first site visit gig, helping a coworker for CM on the viaduct project but will also be doing a few night shifts from like 8-10pm


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