How I Did…

Pretty productive but still overall generally relaxing. A good weekend for shizzle. Consignment shopping, Q Cafe concert, SNL at home, homemade dinners, Lululuemon yoga (maybe the last time at the U Village location), mild packing (but shouldn’t be that bad), phone calls made, sunset watching from Golden Gardens, Oscar watching, awesome Mexican dinner at Casa Azul on 45th in Wallingford (will miss you Wallingford), attended compline service at St. Marks Cathedral to introduce Bryan to it, etc.

I am all about entomatadas as of late and it has quickly become my go-to dinner at Mexican restaurants. Not my photo as I get my entomatadas with a combo of tomatillo and tomatoes sauce (my indecisiveness rings through). For reference, entomatadas that we get here in Seattle are not enchiladas like some places but thin sliced steak that is grilled and then served with usually three corn tortillas drenched in the sauce and topped with lettuce, onions, queso fresco, and sour cream. Bryan always gets mole so we are pretty quick orderers...only time this happens.

Non-Work Tasks:

      Clean out cooler from weekend
      Laundry (always on my task list I feel)
      Print out tax files and W2s and get them mailed
      Change address for all accounts
      Book Mexico flights for April (gonna happen tonight).
      Deposit checks from Whistler weekend
      Call Directv to finally cancel subscription
      Collect security deposit and any other final details with Mary
      Find boxes and start to pack. Forgot I saved all of mine in our storage from my move.
      Figure out moving plan (Uhaul, Jeep, friend’s truck?) and what day. I am going to do it next week. Thankfully the company is letting me borrow the company truck at my convenience!!!
      Need to get a new bed, dresser (did find the dresser I am going to get next weekend), nightstand, coffee table?
      Sell my old coffee pot, hookah?
      Buy Mary’s TV?


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