Much to Do

Wow…I feel absolutely swamped. Really have felt it ever since coming back from Whistler but starting to get a little overwhelming. Good thing for a weekend of absolutely no plans because take a look at this To-Do list:

Work Tasks:

      Finish construction phases in Google Sketchup for David
      Create detail sheet for the base slab
      Insert section callouts for all Structural Plan sheets
      Make sure SAFE model of lid slab passes Keith’s approval
      Update SAFE model of lid slab with appropriate placement of design strips
      Send out sheet list for transition section at UW Station
      Detail weld connection for soldier pile wall for the Roosevelt Station
      Proceed with creating and updating details for transition section at UW Station
      Conclude design and analysis of SAP beam model for the utility tunnel at UW

Non-Work Tasks:

      Clean out cooler from weekend
      Laundry (always on my task list I feel)
      Print out tax files and W2s and get them mailed
      Change address for all accounts
      Book Mexico flights for April
      Deposit checks from Whistler weekend
      Call Directv to finally cancel subscription
      Collect security deposit and any other final details with Mary
      Find boxes and start to pack
      Figure out moving plan (Uhaul, Jeep, friend’s truck?) and what day
      Need to get a new bed, dresser, nightstand, coffee table?
      Sell my old coffee pot, hookah?
      Buy Mary’s TV?
Absolutely loving this color that I selected for my fingernails for Mardi Gras!

Yes, lots to do. But really I don’t feel like doing any of it…I don’t want to ruin my newly manicured and pedicured extremities that I adore so much and I would rather just watch the basketball game Saturday, go consignment shopping with Amy for furniture and volunteer at the Q Cafe on Friday night, and watch movies all day Sunday. Oh wait, that is probably what ends up happening. I am so thrilled about my new place. I seriously luck out with finding housing and Bryan was super jealous when he saw it…but he was more jealous (or angry?) about the rent. I don’t think he will ever treat me to dinner again.


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