Task List

…because I didn’t really do anything of note this weekend. All I did this weekend was relax, seriously. Friday I needed yoga immensely and broke out a new Livingsocial deal at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga on 45th in Ballard right after work. It was a very difficult class but I was there not to push my limits but get what I needed out of it so I was in childs pose much more often than anyone else in the class. It felt so good though. Great instructor and studio!

I knocked other tasks off my list like laundry, getting my scooter headlight fixed (they are so nice and cheap there), groceries, library (2nd book of the Hunger Games trilogy…finally!), stocking my new wine rack, and tried out a new recipe for Bryan and I of pomegranate pork tenderloin and broccoli in replace of the kale in this recipe. It came out quite good and I served it wil perfectly roasted baby red potatoes and a delicious Tempranillo Rioja wine that we both loved. Priced it at $16 a bottle at your local QFC (or Kroger I imagine). We watched a 2000 “classic” called the Art of War. It could have been Rush Hours twin but I liked it a lot. I tested out my new waffle maker ans it works good and I recommend this awesome site for helping you plan and time your garden.

It’s Monday again but the week I imagine will go super fast. We are kind of swamped at work and I’ll be busy revising my reinforcing plans in Autocad, updating the geometry of my slabs in SAFE, and creating more details in Autocad. Tonight I’m going to a sneak peak of This Means War at Pacific Place, tomorrow we have dinner reservations for Valentines Day. Tomorrow I also am attending the monthly meeting for the Sustainability Committee, a sector of SEAW because I asked them if I join because of strong interest. Wednesday we have a safety meeting at work and then I have happy hour plans with the SEAW Young Professionals group for their monthly get-together. And at some point I will be grocery shopping and packing for the weekends getaway to Whistler.


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