Riding my scooter in sunny 58 degree temperature in early February.
      Free frozen yogurt complements of Yogurtland (my favorite froyo shop) and National Frozen Yogurt Day. The PB&J and coconut yogurts rocked my world.
      Up All Night…seriously hilarious show and I find myself thinking I’m a lot like Applegate’s character.
      Mad Men = obsessed! It continually gets better and I can’t wait until the March 25th premiere where I will start having Mad Men watching nights at my place.
      Smells of flowers reminding me that spring is coming.
      Pork roasts…keeps the meals coming for weeks and as long as you mold it into other forms of meals and keep it interesting it’s soooo good.
      Blueberry banana pancakes. I had one little craving for them two weeks ago and so I found a great recipe online that took me 5 minutes to mix all the dry ingredients up in a container. Since then I have gotten out a portion of that mix, add milk and voila…I’ve had pancakes probably 5 times since. Apparently I’m not the only one; Mary has had crepes at home probably 5 times in the past week alone.
      But now I have a waffle maker too!!! A Krups for $10 thanks to Craigslist. Spontaneous!
      Google SketchUp!!
      All my new ski gear…and the price I got it all for.
      Finally getting my Demands Notes accounts squared away with my bank.
      A long anticipated staff meeting Friday with Pagliaccis and lots of updates and jokes.
      Beating Nebraska in the first conference game against them and Novak shining like the bright star he is.


      Lack of Middleeastern food is making me go crazy. Thank goodness for at least a fabulous Indian meal at Tandoor on Wednesday before some jazzy-blues at Lucid Jazz Club in the U District.
      Never feeling like I have time or lightness for gentle yoga or a walk.
      Sophomore forward Tim Hardaway Jr. has taken 46 more 3-pointers than senior guard Zack Novak and he’s made two fewer (as of pre-Nebraska game).

2 thoughts on “Like……..Dislike

    1. Thanks for the list…do you have any favorites? I have been to Cedars (the sit down one in the U District) and that one is my favorite so far. I went to Petra in Belltown but it was too pricey for my “go-to” place. I want to try the place in Fremont, Sinbad Express I think it is called, it looks like what I might be preferring. So many of those on the list cater to more Greek like foods with a lot of feta and thick pitas whereas I generally like more Lebanese food.

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