I Guessed It

…it’s like this weekend didn’t even happen it went by so fast. I guess that is a good thing in a way but still. All things about the weekend were good. All!

Friday reached 60 and intense sun and leaving work early to walk through the market and soak up the actually warm sun was glorious. Friday night’s happy hour was so fun catching up with some of the first friends I met in Seattle and haven’t seen in a while at Gordon Biersch Brewery. Three mojitos and garlic fries into it I was toast.

Saturday a group of 10 Jacobs employees took to Steven’s Pass slopes for some delightfully warm and sunny skiing. I still ended up skiing with Amy most of the day and only saw Bryan at lunch and the last run, so luckily he enjoys my coworkers. We all gathered for a pizza lunch at the lodge and we all rejoined at the end of the day for a drink and toasty fire at the one Associate’s cabin at the base before heading back to the city. Picking up Thai and watching 5 episodes of Up All Night later and we found the three of us asleep on the couch at Amy’s…no reason to move.

Amy and I at Stevens

Most of the group...the fun JA staff.

Sunday I went 0-2 in games but I am OKAY with that. We have to keep a rivalry alive and although I wish that the game had been a little less one-sided at least we didn’t lost at Crisler this year. And as far as the Patriots go, I was also truly pulling for them but actually LOVED being the only one doing so at Amy’s Super Bowl party. It was different watching the big game at 3:30pm but worked out just fine. After a short walk to catch the awesome weather at Green Lake with Amy I helped her prepare the gumbo which was ready exactly at the start of half time. Marika and David came and brought two salads, Phil and Dev came bringing ample appetizers to make it through the first half and I made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzel rods (one with peanuts and one with coconut a la Mom and Cappacino Cafe) for a simple dessert. All was good, the food, the company, the commercials, the game, and even the Madonna half time show I liked.

This week is showing more 50s and sunny skies so I plan on scooting in everyday and trying to get out in time to enjoy a bit of the weather. This week I declare will be quiet-ish in anticipation of the following!


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