When Time Slows…

Boy these past two weeks have seemed to D.R.A.G. And I don’t know why??? I have been multitasking at work, putting time into several different projects, finally got to go on a site visit, and actually holding a few meetings with some coworkers. But still the days have taken their sweet time. I have been making my way to work much earlier than normal but staying still to around 5pm so this could be it.

I have been so sore from that Barre class which is amazing because it was more fun than challenging. I tried out a new recipe woohoo!! Though I cheated because it really used leftover pork that we still had a ton of. Regardless it was new to me and quite delicious and set me up well for lunches this week. I would recommend this recipe for it’s simplicity, deliciousness, and slight kick. I used penne too and it looked exactly like this picture.

Roast Pork in Spicy Tomato Sauce/

I watched UM keep their home winning record going strong with a win over Indiana while Bryan made me honey walnut roasted copper river (all WA residents prefer this kind) salmon, asparagus, salad with avocado, saffron rice and a bottle of syrah in my kitchen. I never even had to get off of the couch…until dinner was ready.

Other than that my week has been pretty boring. I organized my new coupon book, thanks to Grandma, and now have that all handy along with my coupon inventory spreadsheet. I realize that I throw away most of my coupons but I am always amazed what I can and do use when I go to the store and how much I have learned to save. I nearly completed my tax forms. I reorganized my closet, setting aside a few more shirts to give to Goodwill, but still have 5 unmatched pairs of socks and still no clue where the scarf/necklace like the one I gave to Mom is….where did I put that thing? I have my list of seeds picked out but think that I am planning on going to the local Fremont plant shop first, before deciding to order them online. So excited about that. So many of my new year’s hobbies are being taken care of.

Tonight I am helping a friend with a happy hour event at Gordon Biersch Brewery before getting sleep for tomorrow’s Jacob’s ski trip and Sunday’s big sports games. Should be another great weekend that will blink by without my approval of doing so. I can’t wait to use my new down jacket, helmet, and buff on the slopes!!!!


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