Good Decisions

Having this weekend in ways to myself and definitely staying in Seattle was 100% a good decision. I got to take care of things, relax, and center. Sometimes you need that reboot and I did this weekend.

The weekend started off with a great Friday night out on the town. Bryan and I headed straight to Barolo (Italian themed, List-owned restaurant) for their half price food and $14 bottle of wine happy hour. Fortunately, we got a table just before the happy hour time frame ended and then were able to enjoy a nice long dinner and our bottle of Chianti. I tried their $7 hanger steak with barolo sauce (very good and rare) and some of Bryan’s $6 veal and beef rigatoni. You cannot beat those prices. Headed to the Fitz and the Tantrums concert at the Showbox at the Market for such an excellent concert. We managed to actually get seats (or kind of share a seat) in the small venue. There are like 20 seats total and this was a sell out show so that was amazing. The opener was lame but the next band Dale and Dale Earnhardt Jr. from Detroit were actually fun and innovative. And then there is Fitz. So hard to describe their music but so enjoyable. Our best description is a Motown meets Spoon and both fun and positive. Can’t beat that!


Saturday I sent my boyfriend skiing with my best friend and his coworker. Freedom lol!! A nice long breakfast, watching basketball games (boo!), a 2 hour fabulous haircut and highlights at my new go-to salon called Salon Armand in Cap Hill, grocery shopping, laundry, and finishing the Help made a great day. Plus it was 45 and sunny, all the snow is melted and apparently the mountains were windy and rainy/sleety. I could do without that this weekend.

Sunday I made it to Lululemon for the first time in a looooong time. Only instead of yoga they had a lady teaching a kettleball class. She was definitely going easy on it but it was not what I was expecting in the least. Bryan and I ate (okay, so he liked the pork, avocado, garlic, onion sandwich I made him so much he told me he even told him parents and sister about it!!), watched tons of NFL and made a trip to REI to get a neck gaiter (well I got the female equivalent called a “Buff”). It was low key and wonderful.

In love...new OPI designer DS series "Reflection"

This week has been about getting things done too. I finally got my teeth cleaned at the dentist in Greenlake a few minutes walk from my house. First time I had an electric scraper used on my teeth, sounds scary, in actuality hurt much much less. Still no cavities. Got a Chinese dinner for Chinese New Year afterwards. Tuesday was fabulous with the best mani/pedi of my life with my two homegirls Amy and Marika. Traffic was a bear getting there but they pampered us right up. Even used hot stones on our feet and hot wax on our hands. And I am absolutely in love with the color I chose (for once!). Then I got treated to dinner at fabulous La Isla for winning the Sugar Bowl bet against David. So David, Marika, Bryan and myself feasted on pernil, guisado, ropa vieja, maduros, tostones, and mojito sauce. Sooo good and the best company in the world. Wednesday I got treated to lunch for a seafood feast at the Crab Pot with 13 of my fellow coworkers for two people’s birthdays. Pots of dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, corn, sausage and potatoes (like the cottage) were dumped in front of us and bibs were tied around us. I’ll take a $25 lunch any day of the week. So yes, it has already been a fun week!!!

Seafood feast at the Crab Pot.

A two-point overtime victory over Northwestern. A one-point win over Michigan State. A heartbreaking two-point non-conference loss at Arkansas. And then this — the team’s first true road win after eight lead changes in the final nine minutes — a two-point victory at Purdue.

The loss has worn off a little now.


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