Seattle Snowpocalypse

In true Seattle fashion everyone was all in a tizzy about the expect 4-12″ of snow that was expected to hit Seattle Tuesday and Wednesday. How much did we really get? Oh, probably 4 inches but then a layer of ice. I was prepared and took home all work just in case and enjoyed a day of working from home. So what can I say about working from home? It’s so nice!!!! Take a look.

I woke up at my usual time of 7:20 am to do the three steps I was instructed to do:

    1. Look outside (duh!)
    2. Check my bus route to see if it is still running (my phone didn’t send me any updates indicating it wasn’t)
    3. Log onto work email to see if many of the Associates and Principals were working from home (bingo!)


After that was confirmed and coworker on project Marika said she was staying home in Fremont I stayed in bed for the extra 30 minutes I figured I would normally spend commuting. Mary and Tyler were also staying in so a big pot of coffee was pressed, breakfast was made, and portable office was set up. I did actually do work and was quite productive for the entire day, listening to Tyler’s jazz station, staying in my pajamas, taking a shower at noon, doing yoga stretches at 3 pm, taking a short Help reading break twice, and enjoying make lunch in my own kitchen with a few slices of High Five Fiber bread from the free loaf that Great Harvest gave me on Monday (for Martin Luther King Day?). Tyler put in a pork roast that was conveniently in our freezer and we made the most delicious sandwiches ever on baguettes with the juicy pork roast, a homemade roasted garlic mayo spread, caramelized onions, and a sprinkle of oregeno. Yummy!!!!!!!! And I’m still in the glory of keeping basketball dominance over MSU on Tuesday night with a great game and an even better outcome.
Our sandwich modeled after Paseo's legendary cuban roast sandwiches in Fremont. Pretty close!

But alas today I had to actually work to get into work. The roads were much worse than what I expected them to be with a nice crust of ice on everything, sleet coming down requiring to wear both a winter jacket and my rain jacket, my hiking boots and it still took the bus a good 45 minutes to make the 10 minute drive due to the chains requiring a top speed of 30 mph, slick roads, and jam packed with passengers and still knowing that Mary and Tyler get to work from home again. Fun stuff!!


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