Do You Feel At Home?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in the past two days. Um…no. This one inch on the ground might make it seem a little more like Michigan and the 30 degree temps might also convince me so but this really isn’t anything. Despite it being nothing people are completely thrown by the weather. Driving back from Oregon we thought we were in for a real crazy drive but two short sleet storms was all we got. However, we were unfortunate not to get the 10″ at the mountain that all the resorts got on Saturday night.

Our trip to Oregon was great and a nice little weekend getaway. The drive was long (6 hours) but went by surprisingly fast. On Friday we split it up with a stop for dinner in Southeast Portland at a phenomenal, unpretentious place called the Observatory. So similar to our favorite restaurant in Seattle, List, in both variety, decor and prices. I opted for the special of the day which was a delicious Oregon hazelnut encrusted pan seared cod in a ginger beaur blanc along with buttery mashed squash and very tender broccolini. Bryan got a fabulous apple cider brined pork tenderloin that was super juicy and served on polenta cakes and sauteed curly kale. Everything was great! Once at Eagle Crest resort in Redmond, OR we discovered that our suite did not have a made bed or attached shower head. Strange, especially since the resort was very nice. So what happened? We got upgraded for free to a 2 bedroom, 3 bath (with jacuzzi tub) condo with a gas fireplace, BBQ and two decks. Score. It was huge and we laughed the whole weekend about getting a huge condo for only $120 for two nights.

Hazelnut encrusted cod with mashed squash and broccolini from The Observatory in Portland, OR.

Saturday we woke to some intense sunshine (Redmond is really in the desert) and we left for Mt. Bachelor. The resort didn’t want to except our lift vouchers (the whole reason we decided to make the long hike to this resort in the first place) so we had to pay in full. Not happy! The mountain was the first volcano I skiied and the tallest I’ve skiied. But it was also very windy and cold with the storm coming and being 12 hours too early it was also a little icy on the mountain. We still had fun but ended the day a bit short after a lunch in the lodge on the top of the mountain. We wanted to get back to utilize the luxurious resort anyways. We soaked in one of the many public outdoor hot tubs, watched the end of the Saints vs. 49ers game in the club house, beat Bryan for the first time in tennis (yeah free tennis racket and ball rentals), and dined at the resort restaruant and bar called Niblick and Greene’s. Rented the movie 13 from the resort (strange) and finished off an excellent bottle of Zinfandel I brought.
Multnomah Falls in Oregon.

Sunday we took it easy packing up. We first hit a wonderful diner in Redmond called One Street Down Cafe. It was so adorable, small, beautifully decorated, homemade breads and jam, and a very friendly waitress/owner. Bryan declared his egg, cheese, bacon and avocado sandwich on homemade rosemary white bread the best breakfast sandwich of his life…and I agree it was amazing!!!!! I loved my breakfast reminding me so much of Grandma for some reason. I got the harvest breakfast with poached eggs on homemade thick-cut wheat bread, huge slabs of thick cut juicy ham, fruit bowl, and homemade raspberry jam to top it off. Stuffed we left for our return trip. We detoured along a scenic highway along the Columbia River Gorge (though the whole trip was scenic) and got out and walked to see at least three water falls along the river. Stopped in Portland for Portland’s famous street food, only to find that most close on Sunday. Got Thai food nonetheless for $5 and headed towards Seattle. Made it in great time and finished the weekend with a bowl full of yogurty goodness from Yogurtland. Great weekend excursion!
One Street Down Cafe in Redmond, OR

The adorable little table we sat at.


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