In With the New…and Old

Along with my already posted goals for 2012 I have also taken into thought some ideas about what interests I want to pursue for the coming year. I have already noticed a development of certain interests since the move to Seattle and the conclusion of my forever-long education such as reading for leisure, gentle yoga, shopping, painting my nails, and of course, music. But there are a few others that I have either only thought about or have only lightly dabbled in or even just let go throughout the years that I would like to get back. Here is what I would like take stock in for the next 12 months…and hopefully beyond.

Gardening. The book about the urban farmer really sparked my sudden passion for gardening but I think it has always been something I have wanted to do and become more knowledgeable in. There is the beauty of a garden and the awesome feeling of success and awe that comes with your own produce. Plus I do look for ways to become more green and sustainable and this is just one small way that I can become so. And it is a science. I have a list of vegetables and herbs that I want to try this spring and can’t wait for the growing weather to begin and talks with my roommate to lay out a good plan.

Cooking. I think that for some reason (whether it’s I’m afraid of accusations of obsession over food or something else) I have let me interest in cooking and honing skills in the kitchen dwindle. Honestly I have kept my time in the kitchen at all to be very minimal. But through helping Amy with her dinners, cooking with the family, and watching my roommate cook and bake away I realize that it cannot and will not be something I let go. I have a list of delicious sounding recipes that I want to test out and my goal is try to knock off one of those recipes at least every other week. I hope to be able to share these with people so that I can maintain a social and fun relationship around food and also share and learn from my friends their specialties. I also want to expand my baking skills and attempt to make breads and other yeasty goodness. Even just today I was eating lunch in the breakroom and started reading the Relish food insert in the Seattle Times and there were like 5 recipes I wanted so I just kept the whole thing. Particular items of interest are learning to cook Thai and Indian, expand on my sushi making skills, find more entertaining-friendly dishes and breakout the crockpot more often. I also want to experiment more with new to me ingredients like coconut milk, curry pastes, sauces from scratch, and legumes and starches.

Beauty Inside and Out. Because I plan on continuing improvement of health and wellness I also want to continue improving ways to beautify myself inside and out. Much of my spending is already on clothes and shopping so it is not as though I don’t try to be stylish. But I do want to continue purchasing deals for manicures, pedicures and haircuts to not give myself a reason to pamper myself every so often because I do deserve it. I also want to stay committed to doing yoga from time to time because it just honestly makes me feel so at ease and pure and strong. I’d like to try to attend the Beauty Boot camp that my mom and aunt went on because I think it would be fun, informative and refreshing. I have also taken up a slight (slight) interest in fashionable home decor. Though my freedom to decorate is not 100% there I do have some space to allow this design freedom through even if it is just a small scented candle or an organizer for the kitchen. Even the small craft project my mom and I did over the break to make napkin rings and wine charms felt wonderful and therapeutic.


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