Chelsea Lately

I hate losing to any team by 2 points.

The funniest article: Read Me!!

It’s in the 40’s or 50’s every day in the next ten days.

I’m happy that Groupon Seattle has their $1 daily deals on Friday again. Soo happy!!! It means that on Fridays I get whatever $1 deal they have for lunch. Today was a $1 good for $9 at one of my favorite Asian restaurants in the International District, Phnem Pnoh Noodle House for their Mee Kang dish. I’m sure that sounded completely alien to most of you so it basically is the Cambodian equivalent to the Thai dish Pad Kee Mao.

I am feeling completely motivated.

I’ve been going bonkers on these homemade banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins that I have been making. Perfect for breakfasts or fast snacks. Must have chocolate chips in them!! Must!

Saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on Thursday night. 3 things: 1) The movie is fantastic though I think poor Bryan, who didn’t know the plot of the story, was completely unnerved and exhausted by it. 2) We saw it at the Cinerama in Belltown thanks to a Groupon I had gotten and the place was like the Michigan Theater but even bigger and I loved it. 3) They served chocolate popcorn/butter popcorn mixed…please all movie theaters start doing this now, complete sweet and savory and fresh melty chocolate and only $3.

I received a late Christmas present from someone. Okay, Symphony chocolate bar: score, 5 vouchers for a massage and 5 for a home cooked dinner: double score (and reminded me of myself to my parents when I was like 10), but a book on how to correct your accent to sound more American: not funny.

Changed up plans and am now going to Oregon next weekend…woohoo!!! Also going skiing tomorrow.

I absolutely hate settlement calculations or anything geotechnical related. Please give me some more meatier structural stuff to work on.

I’ve watched sports every night this week but I would like to confirm that I am not a man.


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