Thanks for the Memories

I wanted to declare how grateful I am to my family for entertaining me during the holidays. My first vacation from work and first trip home was a true success and much needed. I always make requests to do things I want to do and this year nearly all were met. Of course I don’t intend or even need to do them all but the fact that my family goes out of their way to satisfy these requests makes them the most amazing family ever and I appreciate it more than I can say. This just shows what was accomplished during my stay in Michigan:

    Bowling night
    Movie night (maybe Answer This! if it is showing yet in Lansing, I know it is in Ann Arbor at the Michigan Theater which would be cool).
    Basketball game in AA (thanks Chad!)
    Drinks with Vince
    Overnight with Sarah and manicure
    Northside Grill
    Jerusalem Garden (I could e’erday)
    Aladdins (I could also e’erday)
    Soup Spoon Cafe for brunch
    Jazz at Espresso Royale with Claire
    Afternoon Delight muffin (or 100 to bring back with me)
    Yoga with Mom and Chad
    Zingerman’s sandwich (if time)
    Snowmobiling with Grandpa
    Lunch with Mom
    Lunch with Dad
    Hot tub time at Court One (because c’mon I’m not going to be able to handle the cold)
    Christmas light tour
    Card games
    Extreme laziness

And others on my undisclosed list:
Stuffed french toast
Crab and clam chowder
Pork with cranberries
Spaghetti, meatballs
Chicken fingers, fries
Café Habana/Grange

That’s awesome!


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