Welcome Back

What a glorious welcome back to Seattle. Not only was I soooooooooooo relieved that it was a balmy high of 50 Tuesday and I thoroughly enjoyed and soaked up the light drizzle falling from the sky but my bag made it without cosmetic misuse, my coworker bought me teriyaki from my favorite Okinawa Teriyaki around the corner knowing I had already had a long morning and had that waiting for me, I left work at 3pm because I decided it wasn’t happening that day and did calcs at home, our meeting got rescheduled for Wednesday so I could leave early, I marvelled at the view of the mountains and the sound, I found out I could indeed return the Express shoes I bought and disliked at the store for a full refund, still no correspondence from Zagat Wine so I still have a 15 case of wine in my entryway that I might just be able to keep, my Pyrex set I scored off Woot.com for a whopping $32 arrived, nothing broke or burst in my bag, I’m already unpacked, I got to sleep (which could have been enough as it is but in my bed I love), I bought a Groupon deal for three manis and pedis for only $40, I finished East of Eden in front of our fire…oh, and MICHIGAN BEAT VIRGINIA TECH IN THE SUGAR BOWL!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it was a sloppy game, yes it was at times ugly and unbearable to watch, yes I feel like we got extremely lucky but in the end all that truly matters is the W in the box score. We did not play well, we could not get our offense to function, Denard couldn’t break out for any long runs, we couldn’t seem to stop a single 3rd play, we let their QB run and throw all over us. But we did make clutch plays in the red zone and we didn’t let them score a touchdown until very late in the game. We kept trying and kept pressuring them and our determination to win the game and help save face for the Big Ten paid off in our favor. It felt so good to win and I may not be able to send any more texts for the rest of the month because I must have used up like 90% of my allotment in one night. I also now have a free dinner at La Isla awaiting me thanks to my coworker and Virginia Tech grad! Okay, now we can focus on basketball.


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