New Year is For New Beginnings

As I reflect on 2011 there are so many changes that have taken place in my life and so many once in a lifetime occurrences that happened. A quick summary for 2011 would be the start of my life as a professional and independent adult. I went on my first full-time interviews to the East Coast and the West Coast. I took a job with Jacobs Associates 2,000 miles from home in the hilly and eclectic Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from the University of Michigan with my Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and left Ann Arbor after six years. I moved in with someone I had never even met but who has been one of the best roommates I’ve ever had. I have made a whole set of new friends through work, my roommate and my own initiative. I have met a boy who has been a surprising but welcome addition in my life and joined me in exploring the city and introducing me to new interests and hobbies. I have hosted my family for their first visit to Seattle and have taken my first trip back home.

For 2012 I have high expectations for remarkable things to continue happening. I want to continue working hard and learning from my projects at work. I would like to step up my productiveness and assertiveness on the job. I want to continue trying new things in the city. My main focus in 2012 though is to prioritize my time and focus on what is most important at the present time in my life. I’ve established myself in Seattle and now it is all about settling in and really hitting my stride. Personal health and wellness and my career are at the top of my list. Spreading myself thin with events and meeting new people are not as high priority as they were in the summer. I always look forward to a new year and a fresh beginning. I love the feel of January 1st. I think this will be a great year and I look forward to reflecting on it at the beginning of the next.


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