Never Bored

How is it every week is jam packed? How is it that all of my friends go to me to find out what is happening in the city? I have lived here less than many of them. But each week I am left with my calendar filled, lots of exciting things to look forward to, and not a lot of time to be bored.

This week I was able to do dinner at Duke’s Chowder House to finally use my birthday coupon for them before it expired. A great deal of free mahi mahi tacos with jalapeno aioli, mango slaw, cucumber salsa, and white cheddar. They were surprisingly awesome and I got to eat them while enjoying the Big Ten vs. ACC Challenge, which did not favor me well. I helped out at my friend’s charity event on Wednesday, working the donation table at Tia Lou’s while also enjoying great free appetizers, a comic show, and then a DJ. Friday night I finally took Bryan with me to the Q Cafe for a great concert. Saturday I lounged around Amy’s because I was not feeling that well before then preceeding to everyone’s favorite (but our discovery) List for their phenomenal happy hour for some good eats. Sunday wouldn’t be complete without SNF dinner at Amy’s. BBQ style meal of pulled pork, coleslaw (she finally let me make something for it), mac and cheese, and cornbread plus a birthday cake for Dev which I baked and helped ice. And Amy and I were told not to sit next to each other (Saints vs. Lions…I watched more of the game but she cares way more about her team than me!). But how about them Wolverines?!?! Playing my friend and coworker’s Virginia Tech team the day I return to Seattle in the Sugar Bowl. And how about Hoke getting Big Ten Coach of the Year. I think it is rightly deserved considering the turnaround our team had in only one year (and if we do like we should I think Belein deserves the title for basketball this year too).

Oh, but next week is just as busy. Tuesday Bryan is hosting dinner at his place and then out for drinks, Wednesday is the Deck the Hall Ball that I absolutely cannot wait any longer for, Thursday is a Holiday shopping festival on Queen Anne I might check out and volunteering my time to giftwrap at the mall, Friday Mary and I are hosting a girls-only cookie exchange and secret santa undie swap, and Saturday is the JA Holiday Party. Never bored, never bored.


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