In The News

Sometimes I could care less about what is making the news and other times I am amazed, astonished, disgusted, dissapointed, etc. Lately the news has struck me with some of the crazy headlines.

      The women with the concrete butt injection. I mean really? And would you ever, ever get a butt injection for only $700 from a doctor who looked the way that doctor did. (I vote this #1 most interesting news story.)
      Of course the Penn State sexual harrasment case and worse of all the phone interview with the guy who when asked if he likes young boys hesitated for a good five minutes. Disgusting.
      Pizza, a vegetable??? Um, I don’t think so and the health of the country, especially the young children should not be jeopardized for budgetary reasons. Plus think of this, you might save a couple billions serving frozen pizza to kids instead of fresh fruits and vegetables but how about the fact that health care expenses related to obesity come in at around $147 billion each year. Hmm, $7 billion vs. $147 billion…
      Okay, but seriously a proposal to require children under 18 having their BMI reported to a state registry is awful not a good idea and I am an opponent for that policy.
      News from my coworker that he personally witnessed a stabbing on one of the buses on Monday. Scary? A little bit because all that happened was a guy getting on the bus accidentally kicked a girl and the girl stabbed him in the leg. That is straight up crazy.
      Work bonuses is news in my book. I still can’t comprehend the fact that I get a salary and a bonus. I don’t even know what it all means but I do know that next year my bonus will be more than twice what I got this year (assuming we are still doing well as a company) because they prorate the company performance bonus (so I got it for half the year) and I wasn’t eligible for the 401k or stock dividends for this calendar year. Already can’t wait for next year. Who wants to go on a big trip???????
      Still no signs of snow in the forecast for the city and this week and next we have sunny skies and a high of 40s (which peaks at work and lasts for a good 5 minutes…maybe).
      Everyone in the world it seems is getting engaged as of late. I can’t even imagine the numbers after the holiday has swept everyone off of their feet.
      $100 round trip tickets to anywhere in California right now is sooooooooo tempting me. I just don’t know what timing would be available for me right now.
      Leech signing on as the new coach at Washington State. Boy does that team suck. My dad was the first to inform me of it and the Seattle Times has had the Sports cover page of it the past two days.


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