Thanksgiving Turkey Day is so fabulous. Especially with a whole group of pilgrimers. I mean everyone who crowded around our two dinner tables are pilgrimers of a sort, ones have settled on new land, land that is unfamiliar and new to them. Of the ten attendees there was a grand total of six University of Michigan grads, three USC grads and a Texas grad.

The dinner reminded me of home with the family at Grandma’s house. We did a really great job and I am impressed with everyone’s contributions. The menu looked something like this:
Turkey and slow cooked gravy (Mary), stuffed with stuffing, broccoli casserole and cranberry sauce (Chelsea), cranberry relish and homebrewed IPA (Tyler), waldorf salad (TJ), King’s Hawaiian rolls, mashed potatoes and lots of wine and champagne (Alex and Sam), sweet potatoe pudding and real pumpkin pie (Liz and Josh), apple pie (Bryan), fruit, cheese and cracker appetizer plate (Rob), blue cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates (Mary).

Prepping turkey Thanksgiving morning

Table all set

The beauty preslicing

That’s a full table and one I got to sample a little bit of everything from. People started arriving at one, of course by then the Detroit Lions had already finished playing lol, and dinner was served at 3pm and we were right on time. Naps followed shortly after and then arguments over watching NFL or the UT vs. Texas A&M game. And then of course much wine, beer, champagne toast, and nibbles. Ahhh!!!!!!!!

The rest of the weekend was also so amazing! Seriously, can we please have more three day work weeks and four day weekends, that seems to be a much better balance in life. Friday morning we woke up nice and early to hit the road and hit the slopes of Crystal Mountain, two hours southeast of Seattle. It was so strange driving in the sun and 40’s and not seeing snow until just before the base of the mountain. I actually kind of like leaving the mountain at the end of the day and being free from persistant snow. Crystal was fabulous! The runs were longer than anything I have ever been on, going to the top of the mountain was far higher than anything I have been on, the lifts seated 6 people and ran smoothly, the ski traffic was light, the waits were short, the sun was out, the scenery was amazing, the view of close Rainier was breathtaking, the lodge food was of course mediocre and expensive, the price of tickets was more, the talent of skiiers was higher, the air temperature was right on, and the snow was nice and light. Amy, Bryan and myself enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We met up with three Boeing coworkers already there for a few runs and a brewski afterwards but it was mainly just Three’s Company which was fun. And what better way to end the day then a piping hot bowl of turkey white bean chili at one of go-to spots Slims Last Chance as we came into Seattle, and then a movie, a bowl of ice cream mixed with Mary’s legendary cookie dough and the couch butted up to our stellar fire place.

Pretty sure Slims = Savior after a long day of skiing. Tried the turkey white bean this time. Yum!

Oh, and then did anybody hear about what happened Saturday morning? Anyone, anyone??? We finally beat OSU after nearly 3000 days. Fortunately, fresh air and skiing got me to bed early and waking up to get to Buckley’s sports bar by 8:30 was not a problem. Cafe Vitta, eggs and toast, two UM marching band alums and an OSU wooping made me a very happy, teary-eyed girl. I couldn’t care at all about the rest of the games being played this weekend.

And when you thought that was all I had an amazing last day of the weekend to spend shopping and dining with Amy. We hit up UVillage and Northgate mall and I made out like a bandit. Scored a holiday party outfit, some steals, a birthday gift for my AA bestie, and made some returns. Cherished the Christmas music in all of the stores and then treated Amy to a burger and fries (but mainly we were all about the fries) at the Counter in Ballard with my near-expiring Groupon. Great place!! Great friend!! Great weekend!!

I was all about these sweet potato fries and finished them all. Left room for two bites of my burger that came out after.

I love this time of year.


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