Listening Internally

To do what you need to do for yourself is not always a simple task, though it may sound quite reasonable. This weekend I zoned into myself to listen to what I needed. It went something like this:

To call the Q Cafe and tell them on Friday that I needed sleep even though I also wanted to volunteer at the concert that night, I just couldn’t do.

To park my butt by the fireplace all weekend long, watching football, movies, and doing lots of reading.

To sleep in on Sunday.

But to still attend a later class at Sutra yoga because I still needed to decompress but not because “I usually go to a yoga class on Sunday”.

To get groceries and make a PHENOMENAL pork chile verde on Saturday with a homemade green chile sauce and everything. First time roasting peppers and tomatoes to make a salsa and first time ever cooking with tomatillos (or pork shoulder). Next made the most bomb delicious enchiladas ever. This link has a great step by step recipe and was what I used to make it. Make. this. now.

I was really proud of these babies. Just added a little sour cream to the inside mixture and topped with more tomatillo sauce, mozzarella and cotija (love that stuff).

Order a new phone..because I wait until mine is completely donezo…obviously.

On it's way

Have breakfast for dinner with friends at SNF because obviously good friends and food always make your weekends end right.

Set the DVR to record the Maui Invitational and get so excited for the games even though the only thing Michigan fans really care about this week is

“Beat O-hi-o,” the whole stadium roared — louder than they had cheered all game



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