If I Were in Ann Arbor…

Sometimes it’s weird thinking about not being in Ann Arbor anymore since that was basically where I spent the last six years of my life. And sometimes I think I forget I am not in Ann Arbor anymore. Like when I jaywalk without a care, when I spend any amount of time with UM past or present students, when I go to one of the many small, old theaters to watch a movie, and honestly whenever I go and actually stop and sit in a coffee shop. But then there are times that I think of what if I was still in Ann Arbor. That’s where this post comes in. If I were in Ann Arbor right now…

…I would get to celebrate my brother’s birthday with the family
…I would see Sarah instantly
…I would seek out jazz jams on Thursday night
…I would probably know less about the UM basketball team than I do know from my reading of the AA news everyday
…I would eat at Jerusalem Garden in a heartbeat (oh middleeastern food how I miss you)
…I would see the changes to Crisler Arena
…I would probably still be single
…I would probably not have to fix my scooter’s wet battery every other week
…I would go sit in the piano gallery and nap
…I would go serve a dinner at the League (the League ballroom was shot in a few scenes in the Ides of March that I saw last night at the theater and I got all excited)
…I would walk through rain and snow to eat apple oat bran pancakes at Northside Grill
…I would not ride the bus as I do that enough here (alcoholic even gloriously sat next to me on the ride to work today, even popping open a bottle of beer at 9am to pour into her Starbucks paper cup)
…I would probably be cold
…I would not dress as cute, the city definitely has sparked something in me to dress slightly trendier
…I would miss the landscape of Seattle (mountains and water)
…I would not have Sunday Night dinners with friends most likely
…I would still be living in a dump, buying cheap food, or buying wine out at restaurants
…I would be going to a concert at the Ark tonight, or try to
…I may forget the cold and get Stucchis


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