Sleep Much?

So the lazy couch potato came on the weekend apparently. I guess I needed to catch up on sleep because I did just that. Friday = major crash on the couch, as in do not, will not, can not move from the couch all night. Despite lounging around catching up with my DVR and finishing a book I still managed to sleep until the crack of…11am on Saturday. I was literally shocked at myself but no worries, we didn’t cream Illinois until 12:30 pst. Glorious! Saturday night I moved. I went to a dinner at an adorable Greek diner in lower Queen Anne with B. We had a good dinner though I’d like to go back and try something else and I absolutely loved the decor, our waitress who was evidently one of the owners and VERY Greek, and that they served the wine in little rocks glasses. We then moved on to Lucid to catch some jazz in the U District. Unfortunately the group who was having their CD release that night were not really jazz and we didn’t really care for them.

Sunday was great. I discovered great online yoga videos at home due to not wanting to go out to U Village to Lululemon, took an hour and a half nap (?) and then was a good UM citizen by volunteering four hours of my time to preparing and serving dinner to the families at Ronald McDonald House. The 15 UM alums were busy bees all during our two hour prep and then served for an hour before dining on our own work, getting to know one another, and conversing some with the families before cleaning up and heading home. I loved this event. I got to know several UM grads, one super sweet girl who I found out lives on 42nd and Stone only a 5 minute walk from me and who works a block down from me. We made plans to do lunch one day and figure we will be seeing each other on the bus now that we know who each other is. It was also very touching to see the House and the families. We made them beef stroganoff, spinach salad, fresh fruit platter, crescent rolls, and brought desserts from Costco. The dinner was funded through generous UM grads donating over $300 at Buckley’s during football Saturdays. We got lots of appreciative thanks for serving beef, apparently volunteers never make it for them. I like doing charity…especially this time of year.

All in all that was how exciting my weekend was. Here are some other thoughts I have for you:

      I have indeed started my list for things to do at home over break. It is far more important to me than a Christmas wish list…in fact I guess it is my Christmas wish list.
      I am very excited to help host Thanksgiving. I am still not entirely sure what all I get to make or help out with but am requesting the following recipes: Mom’s broccoli casserole, what Grandma does with her turkey and how and what she uses to stuff it with (really need timings), thus stuffing recipe too, and cranberry sauce.
      Having a gas fireplace is a very dangerous thing for me. It is addicting and way too easy. I’m trying to defend this habit of gas consumption by the offset costs of reduced furnace heat. Yes/no?
      Rediscovered stovetop oats and despite the time suck don’t know if I can go back to microwave again but also dissapointed that making a big batch and reheating it during the week does not keep the integrity and deliciousness of fresh off the stove oats.
      Found a place that does bran muffins quite similar (just not quite as good) as Afternoon Delight.
      I am having great fun curling my hair these past weeks/months. Curling iron > straightening iron. It also works really well with the haircut that I got at my birthday and am still really in love with.
      I did not go to Amy’s this weekend because of the volunteering but B ended up going to my surprise. Don’t know how I feel (or should feel) about this.
      ESPN3.com is a great service for letting me watch even the exhibition UM basketball games online. Crisler arena from looks and from friend’s opinions is so much better now after it’s renovations.
      This video makes me smile:
      And this story about Seattle’s history is fascinating!!


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