Well I Oughta

Excerpts from the Michigan Daily:

Hoke was still convinced Monday that Hemingway caught it.

“I thought Junior made a catch,” Hoke said.

In bounds?

“Oh yeah.”

Did he finish the process of catching the ball?

“You see, that’s where everything gets diluted,” Hoke responded. “What is that rule?”

How do you perceive it?

“I thought he caught the ball.”

And he finished the catch and everything?

“Hm-hm,” he affirmed.

Redshirt sophomore running back Fitzgerald Toussaint said every player thought Hemingway had caught it when they reviewed the game film on Sunday.

Hoke was never given an explanation during the game or at any point afterwards. He added that they didn’t have time during the game to explain why or how they ruled Hemingway’s catch incomplete.



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