My title may be misleading…it didn’t really feel like Halloween all week but it sounded catchy. The work week dragged but I actually got more accomplished thinking about it now than I initially figured. I finished my SAP design after several hours of problem shooting inaccuracies in the results, I modified the geometry of the SAFE models to catch up with the modifications in the CAD drawings, and I was able to finely make a case for reducing the size of four of the beams in the Brooklyn Station through these two models. I still am pulling teeth at UW for old drawings on the utilities though for the next settlement analysis.

The best came Thursday and Friday when all the associates were out of the office for their Leadership Retreat in San Diego lol. Perfect timing for complete procrastination and a pancake breakfast potluck on Friday morning. Muy bueno!

Wednesday night my arm was twisted to go to another restaurant week dinner at the recommended Italian Barolo Ristorante near Westlake. Recommended by Italian-born coworker and owned by the same people as my dining partner and my favorite restaurant in Seattle, List, it was a hard decision on which restaurant to pick. I actually wanted to order an entree off the regular menu but still got in on some appetizer and dessert, and of course vino! I really wanted to try the fettuccine al cognilio which was homemade fettuccine with braised organic rabbit meat and organic cherry tomatoes and sooooo yummy. As I said I got tastes of the salmon and avocado tartar and the chocolate rum cake with vanilla gelato for the dessert course. And a great bottle of Chianti to top it all off with. The restaurant reminded us a lot of List with dim lighting, a very cool looking bar, dainty chandeliers, and full of conversation and people.

Salmon and avocado tartar

Fettuccine al cognilio

Chocolate rum cake with vanilla bean gelato

Tuesday, I had another dinner, but the dinner wasn’t the feature. I went to the month’s SEAW chapter meeting at the Best Western again. Again the topic was more or less sustainability as they were featuring the nationally praised construction project in progress right now in Seattle called the Bullitt Center. It is a Living Building Challenge project and the presentation was given by the lead architect and structural engineer. Their Powerpoint was phenomenal, though I attribute that to probably having to have a good one to present to the reporters and news progamming shows that are interested in the project. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad I jumped through hoops to get the signature for reimbursement to go to this meeting.
The design of the Bullitt Center

And the last of my news is that I have recently been on a shopping frenzy. I was actually searching Craigslists for new scooters but mine is running again and I am vowing to put a little more TLC into it…and register it. I ordered tons from Victoria Secret (most are complete toss ups), ordered a jacket from Lululemon, some new fancy shampoo from Amazon, and a ticket to the Deck the Hall Ball that will be at Key Arena in December with basically the best lineup in the whole wide world. Actually the last one Ashley and I are “gifting” to each other for Christmas. šŸ™‚

And yes, the end of the week was in celebration of Halloween. I had a Halloween party at Tia Lou’s that I was helping to host with a DJ, free appetizers, and a power hour of vodka! There should never be a power hour of vodka. TGIF!!!!!!


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