To Miss and To Be Missed

Although I am happy and I absolutely would not change the city that I am living in or much of my life right now it still doesn’t mean that I don’t miss home at times, don’t miss the ones I love, or don’t miss my old stomping grounds. Quite the contrary and I think about these misses almost on a regular basis.

I miss finding my family asleep on the couch.
I miss getting to movies 5 minutes after they start.
I REALLY miss the cottage and it seems that everything seems to spark my memory of it.
I miss playing cards.
I miss cooking dinner together.
I miss cooking french toast for the family.
I miss playing tennis.
I miss Aladdins, Sultans, and Jerusalem Garden.
I miss driving to Grandma’s house.
I miss going shopping with Mom.
I miss birthday parties with the family.
I miss going to UM football games and seeing the city filled with Maize and Blue and feeling like you are apart of something huge every week.
I miss walking to classes and bumping into friends.
I miss studying in coffee shops or in the piano gallery.
I miss jazz jams.
I miss seeing the lake and being on the boat.
I miss having a family to cook and serve you a dinner once in awhile (perhaps why I like going to Amy’s so much).
I miss the Big Ten.
I miss Sheri.
I miss EGL and all my smart friends (though I am lucky all of my coworkers are smart).
I miss hugging my parents.
I sometimes miss Charlies.

See, I can miss too and it always feels good to hear that you are missed.


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