25th Recap

My 25th birthday was a win…okay, maybe that is an inappropriate description for it for this weekend but it was still a great time. Sushi lunch with coworkers was fabulous and 8 of us made it down the street to Japonessa. I was styling my new ‘do, wax, and makeup provided by Habitude Salon. I got a nice cone birthday hat to wear in the office (yeah right). I had an untrackable amount of chocolate cake shots at an awesome and newly discovered bar called the Shelter Lounge in the Freelard (Fremont-Ballard) area. I totally dug the music played, the ambiance of the bar, the indoor long fireplace to sit along, the clientele and the good and strong and large drinks! Five of us ended up making it out and having a great time.

Shelter Lounge

I don’t remember much of Saturday morning. I’d like to particularly thank Friday night for that and for helping me in this as the game was not nearly as painful to watch as it may have been since I was dozing and half there most all of the game through. I got my scooter released from scooter jail thanks to a tow…on my birthday. The Tigers lost (and the Lions continued the streak on Sunday). The redeeming quality on Saturday was that it was sunny and I saw an amazing concert by Christopher Williams at the Q Cafe.

Sunday I was finally able to make it to Lulu, spied $400 worth of clothes I wanted but forgot gift card, and headed over to Ashleys early to keep company and help for SNF. The menu for this week was homemade spaghetti (hers is soooooooo good…or I just have never had homemade sauce before) and BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!! My birthday would not have been complete without my cake, it just wouldn’t have and my friends thought it was hilarious how excited I was for the cake. The cake came out beautiful too thanks to my awesome coworker!

Definitely made my birthday feel complete and normal! And delicious!

This week I am looking forward to the last sunny days, another grill out of steak on Monday night with B, Wednesday night shopping and leftovers with A, Thursday night official birthday celebratory dinner with B in Seattle Restaurant Week, Friday another concert and JA official happy hour, Saturday pumpkin carving party, UM alumni bowling event in Cap Hill, and drinks out (somewhere), and the New Orleans Saints BIG SNF. It’s looking good!!! And then there is work…hmmph.


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