Quarter Century

Because my time is too busy celebrating MY BIRTHDAY I bring you my thoughts in bullet format:

      “It’s the battle for the state and a battle for bragging rights.”
      “Michigan State have done their best to put a dent in Michigan’s 67-31-5 all-time edge in the rivalry, but as the fall colors descend on the state, green just may be fading back to maize.”
      “I’m comfortable with going back and forth, and I’m comfortable now with not knowing what I’m going to play and just going into a game being ready for wherever coach puts me,” Douglass said.
      “Junior guard Matt Vogrich — who was generally too small to match-up against Big Ten guards two years ago — has steadily added weight.” My thoughts: Thank God! and If he can I can!
      “Every week The New York Times takes readers to interesting cities through its “36 Hours” travel feature. Ann Arbor restaurants such as Zingerman’s, Dominick’s and Angelo’s were included in both articles. Events like the Farmers Market in Kerrytown and Football Saturdays also made each article, as did picturesque campus spots like the Diag and Law Quad.” Sometimes I really miss Ann Arbor. I wonder how good an Afternoon Delight muffin would be by the time it arrived in Seattle? And I really, really am going to miss going on the Birthday freebie crawl this year in Ann Arbor where your birthday is like freakin Christmas but better.
      By the end of this month, I hope to have deleted every Facebook friend that I either have never met before in person or have not seen in more than two years.
      Right now obsessed with Cinnamon, Orange and Spice tea at Market Spice in Pike Place Market. They have it as a sample everyday and I’m tempted to buy the huge jar for like $18…then again they also have bulk bins of some amazing sounding teas for pretty decent prices.
      Also weirdly into the Progresso Split Pea soup. Why? I don’t know, I must have not gotten enough pea soup in my younger years. It is wonderfully filling but not too light like other vegetable soups, it is warm, smoky, salty but not too much, and like soup is, it’s cheap. But I don’t normally care for canned soups but this one is a clear winner and currently have a few cans in my desk for times of need (aka the dreary, wet and cold weather of recent).
      I’m mad at Facebook for coming out with The Sims Social because I really don’t need that distraction/obsession.
      I have a new project at work for the next few weeks dealing with geotechyness and settlements of an underground fuel storage tank near the tracks and powering UW.
      After detesting apples for the past 5 months it is incredibly refreshing to have them in season and delicious once again. I still think that Honeycrisp are the clear winners in any apple battle and that Red Delicious should be banned.
      My optometrist ended up being someone that I have met at a bar once before at a Meetup happy hour, not as awkward as I thought it would be at first even despite the small examination room and proximity taking eye tests.
      I may be getting some glasses. It is apparently an “Immediate concern” even though it has obviously been fine for the past quarter century (I am going to start using this for everything now). What I can’t get over is that even with my insurance the frames and lens would cost me $250 for the ones I liked and I don’t really know if I would wear them. I was sitting there marvelling at them because I couldn’t get over that they actually looked good on my and I told the guy I could see me wearing them while I was at work or reading…and then I questioned how dangerous these activities would be considered. Safety glasses are absolutely out of the question.
      I like that because of sports people actually now mention Detroit, and in a positive light no less.

I’m a quarter century and I love all of my friends and family!!!!!!!


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