Pre-Quarter Century

Last week was such a tiring week workwise that I am definitely expecting this week to be nothing but better. I think that right now my body is suffering from the first of the seasonal grayness, which if you know me, REALLY affects me, my mood and my energy level. Hopefully I start adjusting to it…and I think that I will. But as I was saying, last week just didn’t want to treat me nice. I’ve really grown to dislike urgent emails in the morning and unfortunately I got one on Wednesday morning basically saying part of the design for the Gorge bulkhead was all wrong and needed to be fixed ASAP because it would be dangerous otherwise. Not good and not enjoyable. After spending all day fixing it I went home exhausted, so exhausted mentally in fact that I forgot to set an alarm for the next morning and work up at 8:50 am totally freaking out. I managed to still get to work a little after 9:30 am but only 5 minutes after my friend and coworker texted asking “Where are you? Are you ok?”. Now my office is very lenient about starting time and my supervisor wasn’t even there but the text made me fear for my life that I was about to be in serious trouble. Another stressor for sure.

Self explanatory

It didn’t help that I didn’t have much other than my book and an appointment to distract me in the evenings and the conference on the Latest and Greatest Landmarks in Seattle on Thursday night just couldn’t excite me enough to stick around for it. But Friday I did have a great happy hour and Saturday did lead to sweet success for my Wolverines (scarily) and sealed the deal over a bet I made after Texas lost pretty horribly to Oklahoma. So now I get to plan a wine tasting trip!! Concert at the Q Cafe Saturday night and a walk through Discovery Park in Magnolia in between games in the gorgeous sunny fall day we had after a fabulous bowl of Pernil, mojito sauce and a side of tostones from a great Puerto Rican place called La Isla in Ballard. Sunday Night Football dinners continued at my friend Ashley’s apartment with a very small group of all girls this time and some very delicious crawfish etouffee that I have definitely mastered by now.
Delicious bowl of flavorful rice topped with pernil (pulled braised pork), with mojito garlic sauce and spicy sweet sauce and tostones at La Isla!!!!

This week looks to be busy and after the hum drum of last week I am glad it is. I’m going with Ashley tonight to see the free screening of the new Footloose movie, which from the previews looks to be really good and I’m excited. Tomorrow I have a steel plant tour of the Nucor Factory over in West Seattle with my coworker at the SEAW young professionals organization. I’ve heard good things about it! Wednesday there is a baked salmon dinner for the Leukemia Foundation that I am attending to support my friend here who is a surgeon. And then of course this weekend is my BIRTHDAY. People keep reminding me that it is the 1/4 century which seriously kind of freaks me out. Oh well, I’m 100% sure that 30 will be worse. Plans for the birthday are still up in the air but they will be fun I’m sure!


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