How Was Your Weekend?

Do you know how great it is to be asked on Mondays if you had a good weekend, if you did anything fun and to have a great and happy answer for them 95% of the time? I have this happy feeling nearly every Monday and when many of my coworkers reply with “homeowner troubles” or “didn’t really do much” I secretly revel even more in how enjoyable mine was. I’m sure some day this will wear off and I have already had a few hum drum weekends but I would also like to see how long this can last.

This weekend was my kind of weekend as far as it was filled with friends, good food, and personal interests. Friday night’s california making night was really fun. I love learning new things and though I have been taught to make sushi rolls once before it was like brand new. Now I want to pass my new knowledge on (…to my Mom I think it might be a really cool thing to mix up the Time of the Month club events). Early to bed, early to rise for…the 9am beat down on Minnesota. I couldn’t have asked for better outcomes in my team’s games this weekend. UM, MSU/OSU, Wisconsin (you don’t belong Nebraska and I don’t like you), Tigers tied it up, and Lions pulled out another victory to be one of only two teams who are still unbeaten (have I ever been able to say that?). However, I really was hoping to eek by Texas in the rankings because I have a bet going to be ahead of them in the rankings by the end of next weekend. Of course, that whole bet is going to be determined by the Oklahoma vs. Texas game anyways.

My homemade cali roll!

Possibly my last grill out on Saturday night with fantastic steak and sweetcorn and two of my most favorite movies: The Italian Job and O’Brother Where Art Thou. Another early riser on Sunday to head out on an 8 mile hike to Snow Lake in Snoqualmie. I felt like a very true Northwesterner. It was a pretty easy hour (at most) drive to the trailhead. Five of us set out for a fantastic hike on what turned out to be a remarkable day of sunshine and the perfect fall temperatures.
Snow Lake from the top of the pass

A pretty creek

The hiking crew

Overlooking Snow Lake

Goodbye good weather. It’s raining now. After 2 clif bars and splitting a Subway sub I was still ready for Ashley’s SNF dinner. I was supposed to be sous chef but running late led to me help coming in the form of picking up a rotisserie chicken from QFC because the shrimp got overcooked making what was supposed to be sausage and shrimp jambalaya a chicken and sausage jambalaya, which is still nothing short of delicious on top of a new region of wine I tasted (Hello Georgia…the country not the state!) and a dessert of some of the best late season sugared strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Came home to watch my still guilty pleasure Desperate Housewives and finish the Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest rounding out a great weekend.
Why hello New Orlean's version of paella.

So thanks for asking how my weekend was, how was yours?


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