It is fall, the rain was supposed to be falling by now but we have really lucked out with some last sunny days and one last nice weekend to enjoy the Oktoberfest and spend uber amount of hours in the window seat taking in the last of the sun rays as I became engulfed in the sequel to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I do like the crisp air and smell of autumn but I just do not like the knowing that the winter is approaching. And the forecast for dreary, gray, and rainy weather officially looks like it will be starting…tomorrow!

This week I have managed to avoid work headaches because my supervisor finally took a thorough look at my model and gave me some good pointers on where I needed to make changes and I have for whatever reason been super focused and energetically working all the live long day. I have now successfully completed the elevator shaft walls and the slab and beam reinforcement layout and schedules, which is a huge chunk of our 60% design once they are drafted which I am passing along now to our drafters. I wrapped up the 75% design for the Gorge tunnel bulkhead with the last of the three models. This found to be more of a challenge than intially anticipated because the last model required pretty extensive calculations on geometric properties for the steel tubes that would make up the modular design, and in all honesty I took a wild stab in the dark on my approach so hopefully I don’t come back to work Monday with a “WTF?”.

I am also feeling much more lighthearted because I seem to have cleared things up with my friend Ashley. I confessed to her that I was feeling lonely and left out because it seemed to me like she was spending so much time with other friends she had and even though I was spending a lot of time with Mary and Tyler and friends I realized that I am still in the process of making other friends. I told her I am still very dependent on her and missed her company. Irony comes in the fact that she was thinking the exact same thing about me and the friends that I was making and hanging out with. Once again it just goes to show that things left unspoken only lead to misconstrued thoughts and misunderstandings. Now we are planning to start up Sunday Night Football (SNF) dinners at her house and of course I vouched to help. The first one will be this Sunday and the headcount is looking to be about 8.

Furthermore, I am very glad that BM is back from a weekend wedding in Austin. To continue the irony theme here is a good story for you. Good friend BD just moved to Austin for work. I get texts from BM that the wedding was a blast and they had one raucous afterparty with a bunch of his closest friends. BD messages me at work on Monday saying that he just had the best weekend of his life with nonstop fun and events but would fill me in on the details later because I was still at work. BD is told that BM was in Austin for a wedding but says nothing of interest on the subject. Go to get Indian food with BM Monday night and then FINALLY see the last Harry Potter movie (loves it! and sorry Nish) and fills me in on all of the wedding happenings. Again, remarks how much fun it was. Get home around midnight and shortly after get a text from BM asking if my friend in Austin could possible be named BD and sends me a picture of BD with the maid of honor, as that was BD’s date to the same wedding as BM. How can this world be that small??????? I have gotten so many laughs out of the whole situation.

This weekend is here!!! Sushi making night with my roommate and her sis tonight and hopefully catching up on the DVR which is now like two weeks old, football all day tomorrow, and possible hike and dinner at Ashley’s Sunday equals a killer weekend, no?


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