Kick Your Feet Up

A week of nothingness and independency was just what the doctor ordered. There were so many things that I had been needing to do but putting off with all of my other activities and I finally tackled a huge chunk of the list. It might not seem that significant but I accomplished getting a new bike chain and getting it installed on my bike, actually eating a few dinners at home, doing laundry, finishing up some shopping, and cleaning up my room. We also have a “eco-friendly” cleaning service coming on Saturday to clean the rest of what we don’t want to clean…to my chagrin.

On top of all that excitement I went to a sneak peak on Tuesday for I Don’t Know How She Does It which was quite good and had a great cast including Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan, the “mom” from 3rd Rock from the Sun, the one secretary from Mad Men (a new-found obsession), Greg Kinnear, Kelsey Grammar, and Seth Meyers. But believe me, add this movie to the past cabin weekend retreat with a 2-year-old and I know for a fact I am no where near ready to have a kid of my own! I’m struggling with whether or not I even have time or attention for a dog right now.

Thursday night I went out to a sweet speakeasy in Belltown that is supposed to be secretive but Yelp and their website kind of deter from that. Anyways it was tiny and it had a really chic and comfy vibe to it and their cocktails were amazingly strong and tasty. Actually, I think I found my favorite cocktail of all time there. I just told the bartender that I wanted a sweet but not too sweet drink with rum and created a masterpiece that he called a Cain and Abel. I know that it had rum, Campari, and a coffee liqueor (they usually use Kahlua but they use a Cafe Vita special local-made liquor). Unfortunately I think there were a few other small ingredients that went into it but I didn’t get those details from him. I need to go back soon just to get this complete recipe from him.

Work has been very interesting this week trying to figure out this new assignment of the bulkhead dome for the Gorge tunnel. I have spent a lot of time brianstorming connection and assembly details with my supervisor and my other coworkers. Everyone is very excited about the project because they don’t think that a cap this size or in this constrained of a location has ever been used before. That’s great but it also offers a whole new level of complexity to the problem at hand. Most of them seem to think that myself and my coworker Phaidra who is working on more of the general constructability of it will have one heck of a topic for a paper to submit to a conference…which does excite me. I really want to publish a paper and attend a conference! I do have my first dinner meeting for SEAW at the end of the month which just so happens to be on the topic of Sustainability in Structural Engineering which excites me to no end and is conveniently in downtown this month. What a nerd!


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